Writing Travel Articles and Video Tours that Sell

Why not earn three times what you spend traveling―and create a tax deduction at the same time? Travel writers do it. So can you.

Nothing sells as well or as widely as travel articles—then add to that the new field of writing and photoing travel tours for website videos and expanded visual podcasts. If you know the selling tricks and can match words to sites, both are excellent earning fields for both beginners and writers.

Gordon draws from his own book, the Travel Writer's Guide (twice a Writer's Digest Book Club first choice), plus his years of experience as the executive editor of visual travel tours and 30+ years of professional experience that resulted in 1,700+ freelance articles in print.

Topics include:

* How you only write what you’ve “pre-sold” to magazines and tour producers
* How to multiply your income through newspaper sales
* How to find ever eager buying markets.
* The logistics of planning "the big trip"
* What must be done before you can deduct all of your costs as tax deductions
* How and when you send digital photos, slides, or b/w prints

This seminar and workbook focus solely on travel, a field that has more do's and don'ts than any other.



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* For other information about the program content, contact Gordon at gordon@gordonburgett.com or at the other addresses at his website.

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