Gordon Writes Speeches—

for you to give! 

Really, in this case, I help you write your speech form fit for your presentation…

Below is the text from my website about my speech writing services. See www.gordonburgett.com, and link the box on the left: “Gordon Writes Speeches!”

For us to speak, first try my wee hand phone at (415) 320-3923.

Or call (800) 563-1454.

E-mail? Gordon@gordonburgett.com.

Fax? (415) 883-5707.

I’m also at P.O. Box 845, Novato, CA 94948.


If you have been asked (or “volunteered”) to speak and you have nothing to say, or have a lot to say but have no idea how to organize or say it, half your victory is having a professional help you prepare your words!

You might want to consider a seasoned veteran who has offered 2,000-plus paid presentations, and probably has 1,000 more just waiting to match his skills and joy of life. But instead of him speaking, he can help you share your vigor and knowledge with an eager audience that wants you to succeed.

That someone is me. Since all of my presentations are customized, it’s a short step to helping you customize your words to give in your way so you can comfortably wow those who need to hear what you have to say.

Mind you, if you want to shout and throw things, swear, or berate your listeners, I’m probably not your guy. But if you want to educate or amuse or convince them (or all three), all you must do is quickly educate me so I can help you be your best you…

I’ve been a businessman (my own publishing company) since 1982, a teacher forever, and a sort of set-up MC for decades, so from that I can help you find your theme, put your words (and visuals) around it, create the tone you wish to share, and help you get on and off in one piece, on time, and with a sincere “great job” your reward.

If this interests you, let’s talk. Let’s share, in confidence, what you need and how I can help. (If I can’t, I’ll tell you.)

Gordon Burgett