Gordon’s speaking to your group…


The truth is, Gordon has already spoken professionally (he was paid!) more than 2,000 times—and probably 75% were about publishing, niche publishing, and writing and selling general and travel articles to magazines and newspapers.


His programs come in two formats: customized programs for associations and businesses or three- or four-hour seminars through universities and colleges.  Where does he get his material? Mostly from the books he has written (33 in total now in print) in the respective fields, many of which were then published (or made book club top choices) by the major firms in the writing area—or from the 100+ books and related items his firm has published. (As for newspapers and magazines, he’s had 1700+ freelance articles in print there, and he began as a  journalist.)


Why not contact us so Gordon can help you create a customized, win-win writing program for your group or organization? All of his programs and full of content yet fun and inspiring.  







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