Gordon’s Speaking! 

If you would you like a fun, purpose-driven, life-changing speaker to address your association, company, or group, please consider Gordon Burgett.

He’s offered 2,000-plus paid presentations, and probably has 1,000 more just waiting to match his skills and joy of life with your eager listeners. 

But be warned: he doesn’t juggle or throw things, swear, hype products, or play political or religious games. You and Gordon define what you need and want, and if that’s where his knowledge and interests lie, that’s precisely what you will get. 

He was in Philadelphia talking to a national city planners’ association when 7/11 took place. In Honolulu talking to endodontists during a mimi-monsoon. At San Francisco State when the lights went out (in a pitch-black interior room) for 70 minutes in a thunderous storm, and had 33 attendees on their feet cheering when he ended—and the lights came back on! 

He rarely brings bad weather, but rather applicable, useful, needed information that comes from his years as a writer (36 books and 1700+ articles in print), publisher (of 100+ books and products since 1982), and expert in empire building, as well as a full life running CARE programs in South America, leading a gold hunt up the highest tributaries of the Amazon, competing in ultra-marathons, playing baseball in the minors, and singing in choirs and Barbershop choruses. (Bio details here.) 

Mostly he has three themes that he customizes for listeners. 

His book How to Create a Great Second Life: What Are You Going to Do With your Extra 30 Years? pretty much says it all for his most popular general presentation. Lots of fun here, but solid, usable steps too that can pump new intention, vigor, and wonder into eager audiences—despite uncertain economies and tiring legs and eyes!  

It’s never too late (but it is sometimes too early) to write that memoir, book, fictional masterpiece, text, cookbook, or spiritual map—and see it in print, free or almost, within weeks of the final proofreading and indexing or framing. Gordon ties it all together with clear, how-to steps and a website of tie-back reference publishing facts and format. Just ask him about the most recent, exciting details in this roiling field! 

His favorite professional programs show all kinds of experts how to take what they know and love best and, from it, become top players in their own niche or specialty field, emperors or empresses by wisely (and quickly) combining their (or others’) writing, speaking, and product development skills (plus marketing) into their own life-sustaining and -enriching empire. Always customized, nothing stirs juices faster than cutting to the core of displaying one’s own skills—and getting paid very well for it.

Let’s talk. We’ll figure out what would delight (or astound) your listeners—and check our schedule. Then we can put the right digital speaking packet together and get it right to you. That simple. You and Gordon want the same thing: listeners who applaud your genius for so enjoyably enhancing their lives. Let’s see how that’s possible. 



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