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Ancillary Publishing



Only now can a writer get his or her book in print free in minutes and have it marketed worldwide in days. 

So Gordon Burgett has written a how-to, step-by-step guide that walks beginners and veterans through the process, from writing to submitting to marketing. He also has added a chapter, “How Can Established Publishers Best Use Ancillary Publishing? 

Whether the writer creates a novel, cookbook, photo book, memoir, nonfiction book of almost any form, a kids’ book, or virtually anything else in book form, here’s how it can be sold in first-rate form to family, friends, colleagues, or anybody else anywhere in the world.

  Digital version, $ 15.95

Trade paperback, $ 19.95

Niche Publishing



“Niche publishing is the greatest untapped goldmine in any form of print today!”

The most widely used niche publishing book in the huge publishing industry. Gordon Burgett’s Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time shows how to find a niche book topic that works, how to test a book about it for a pittance, and how to sell that book quickly, completely, and almost risk free—before doubling your income again by selling related products to the same or a related, grateful; market. Includes a step-by-step 40-page example.


Trade paperback, $ 19.95


Digital version, $ 16.95

Travel Writer’s Guide



“Travel writing is the simplest and most lucrative way to start a writing career.”

In Gordon Burgett’s third edition of The Travel Writer’s Guide, beginners and veterans learn (and relearn) the ABCs of writing and selling their articles. The step-by-step guide shows how you prep and sell travel articles before you take the trip, see the sites like an expert, find the needed interviews, and add observations and digital photos, then write form-fit articles to eager, queried magazine (and newsletter) editors when you return. Next, how to find different slants and sell to newspapers after-the-fact. Finally, how and when to sell reprints and rewrites to other magazines. (Most of Gordon’s 1,700 freelance article sales were about travel. He is currently the Executive Editor at, the industry leader in visual travel podcasts.)

Twice a Writer’s Digest Book Club top selection!


Trade Paperback, $ 17.95


Digital version, $ 15.95    

Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create, and Give Them



How to plan, create, and give the party of the year for your family, friends, group, or even city! Step-by-step advice, hundreds of ideas, a ready-made scavenger list, all the details that will make you look like a genius! Gordon Burgett’s up-dated third edition of Treasure and Scavenger Hunts not only brings back the old-fashioned treasure hunts and scavenger hunts, it shows you how to combine them into a super party! Memories of the crisp fall season bring to mind treasure and scavenger hunts, often around a Halloween party theme. Now Gordon gives you hundreds of clever ideas for planning parties all year that will be talked about by your kids—and their kids! Includes innovative themes and clues, checklists, safety and timing guides, everything for memorable events for kids, teens, and adults.

At last, a how-to book that shares the details of planning, creating, and giving the party of the year!


Trade Paperback, $ 17.95


Digital version, $ 15.95

How to Plan a Great Second Life

What Are You Going to Do With Your Extra 30 Years?



Gordon Burgett’s second edition of How to Plan a Great Second Life: Why not live fully every day of your extra 30 years? helps readers of any age create their own second-life strategy, then provides the tools to make that strategy come true.

In 256 fun-packed pages, the author helps the reader create their own future life map. His straightforward guide for singles or couples helps them (1) review where they are now: skills, money, and health; (2) create a “Dream List,” (3) prioritize and time-peg those dreams, (4) put them into doable action steps, (5) factor in the resources they have to fund them, and (6) put their resulting Action Plan into motion!

The book is primarily designed to be used by those in the 40-60+ age bracket, but it's also an excellent life planning guide for anybody younger interested in their future or for seniors at any age. Its 17 forms, charts, and worksheets make the planning easy and fun. 


Digital version, $ 15.95      


Trade Paperback, $ 17.95


Large print paperback, $ 22.95

Your Living Family Tree



On these pages Gordon Burgett provides the formula and process to keep you and your family together forever through print, photos, sound, and video.

You know what a regular family tree is. A fact sheet that goes back until your roots disappear or they have been eaten by a wild pig. But what if you could create a new, growing tree that started right now, expanded for 100 or 1000 years, and drew every one of your living relatives—plus those yet to live—into a warm, tightly-bound clan? You can.

It’s the 21st century, the miracle era of easy and inexpensive digital preservation. Time to get three-dimensional! Include the old-fashioned family tree but why not start collecting the actual words, voices, and actions (almost the souls) of every member of your living family through sound, jpgs, podcasts, videos, and digital writing? Most important, almost everything can be stored at a family website, to be instantly enjoyed by your cousin cross country or your great-grandson’s daughter 60 or 260 years from now, after she’s born and is looking back for inspiration or to see what her ancestors (that’s you!) did and thought.

That’s about as close to magic as we can get—and you (or somebody in your present family) can make it happen! This 2008 book gives you step-by-step, how-to details, written by a straightforward, funny non-techie!


Trade Paperback, $ 15.95


Digital version, $ 12.95 

Lian McAndrews and the Perfect Human World



Lian McAndrews and the Perfect Human World is Gordon Burgett’s venture into fiction! And it’s not everyone’s cup of tea because Lian is a secular humanist who talks about the genie of genius in every person and preaches the possibility of our collectively creating a perfect human world. Ho-hum, a utopian piece…if he wasn’t the kind of guy who is so charismatic and fundamentally solid that when he talks of the four things we can all do right now to inch this world upward, you want to jump in line! We’re a world of genius, he says, needing a reason to get out. He gives us direction and permission.

Hard to believe with the world economy tottering! But not to Lian and his band of followers. Not only does he have “LOVE” tattooed on his forehead (don’t ask!), he practices what he mildly preaches, and makes peace with the religious in the towns he visits. He’s a kind of living saint we all wish we could be, yet he’s a man with the same fears and concerns we all share. It’s the message he brings that we cannot dismiss.



Digital version, $ 10







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