I am expanding into a different kind of book consulting service that I think you will want to know about.

In my contacts with new book writers eager to get profitably published, I’m too often alarmed at how they focus on one bean only and leave a potential bucket of beans unpicked!

I mean that they are so preoccupied with the book itself they don’t see that that same book, usually with modest tweaks, could easily be the core of what I call an empire. They could use the expertise their book conveys to create related books, booklets, products, how-to seminars or workshops, and 5-10 more information dissemination tools, all that could bring them substantially more (even huge) earnings and, if pursued with even modest vigor, might bring them a generous income for life.

My new program usually works best and fastest with niche books or products, is second best (but it still works very well) with nonfiction topics, and may work with some novels.

As it is now, I thoroughly enjoy my present book consulting (see Pathfinder). I usually see the book after the final proofing and before it goes to the printer. I’ve been able to help lots of folks make key changes and sell far more copies.

But more often I could have helped make far greater changes had I seen that book much earlier. It would have been better positioned for a multi-means selling future (read, earn a whole lot more beans, easier!) if we had just spoken for an hour or so before the author got heavily into the writing and research.

Earlier on we would have seriously discussed their theme, approach, title, means of publication, distribution intentions, and what more they intended to do to build income and presence. Then, from that, we could have mapped out a clear long-range path for that book, what kind of contents and slant would make it a better sale (and empire foundation), what title might work better (or what sub-title would add much more salability), what they might do simultaneously to get some working cash (and sell more books) before their book actually sees light, what they might do better when its released, and create a step-by-step map of means that should help the writer sell many more books, plus sell the authors expertise a dozen different ways

I call my new offering the PRE-BOOK PLANNING CONSULTATION. If it would help you, it will cost $175and I can usually get to it in a few days from the time you send me what I need.

You let me know when you’re interested (at glburgett@aol.com), Ill email you some guiding attachments, you fill them in or provide the information requested, return them with the payment (check, credit card, or PayPal), and I will promptly send my suggestions to you, in writing. Then we can discuss them on the phone30 minutes max. (Or email, if necessary.)

If your book is already nearing completion, its nonfiction, and not for kids, please consider my Pathfinder consulting program if I could help you before you send it to the printer.

Yet if the book is still in the planning stages, Im suggesting that I can almost always help you much more if you’d spend a few critical hours creating your own empire-building base before you get buried in capturing facts and fancy for print.

What most new writers don’t know (or believe) is that there might be a potential gold mine in the book they want to write. And its much easier to extract that gold if they do some specific prepping before they chisel the books words on paper. Clearly identifying that long-range direction, and a path to get there, can double your profits or even reap you a lifetime of rewards.

Best wishes on your book(s) to come!


Gordon Burgett

P.S. My e-list doubled recently so if some of you aren’t sure who I am and why you should send a princely sum to hear how your book might be far more valuable if you just did  Here are some links that introduce me and explain some writing and speaking I’ve done in this field.

My website pretty much tells all. This new program is at the link Pre-Book Planning, in the left column. I have two specializations (and books), in empire-building and niche publishing, but Ive also given at least 1,000 four-hour college/university seminars (of my 2,000+ paid speaking presentations) about article and book publishing. At my order form you can see my current books and reports, and my bio might interest you too. I release a couple of blogs a week, plus a free newsletter each month. If you still have questions, please email me and mention Pre-Book Planning.