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Before you write your book,

pick the right publisher!



That’s why I just wrote a no-nonsense how-to e-book called


How to Pick the Right Kind of Publisher:

A Pre-Journey Map to Success


to help you do the necessary prep work first so your words see print

(and you see lots of income) ASAP!




That’s on the assumption that you


·         want your book in print right now (or very soon),

·         you want it to look just like you plan it (including your title and layout),

·         you want to snag every last reward—

·         and you want these benefits in the bag before you write the first word!


What’s in How to Pick the Right Kind of Publisher?

Section 1: The publishing choices

Section 2: Tools to help you make your selection(s)

Section 3: How do you pick the right publisher?

Section 4: Specific information about the seven publishing venues

Section 5: Publishing paths to consider



“12 Ways to Turn Your Book Into Many More…”


This is a great time to publish your book. There are lots of choices of publishing houses (or you can do it yourself better and cheaper than ever), there’s more access to selling distribution, and you can sell your book simultaneously through as many as eight or nine publishers (including yourself) simultaneously!

There’s even a miracle: there are publishers that will put your book out absolutely free (in hours, if digital) or in days (if bound)—and they will market it worldwide!

Right now you have lots of publishing choices!

Which is why I wrote this e-book, in response to so many questions at my seminars or through my newsletter, which can be summarized this way: “How do I pick the right publisher, and which do I use in what order?

I’m Gordon Burgett and I’ve been writing and publishing for decades (39 of my own books and about 100 items through my publishing company), plus I’ve written a couple of key books in the industry.

So here I’ll help you answer that question for your own situation, for now or when your book(s) are ready to see light!

Here are some of things the e-book explains…

---- 3 historical paths to publishing your work(s)

---- a new path where 7 publishers want to do it free for you

---- a fifth and sixth path, both hybrid

---- and a seventh where it’s all done with 0’s and 1’s, and no inventory

To do this much faster and surer, I will show you how to

---- answer three questions

---- prioritize the 7 rewards you want (and deserve)

---- have on paper the book standard your book must meet before you put it in print

---- decide how much (if any) of the actual publishing you want to do

---- plot your book on the “Publishing Rewards Chart”


At some point you want your words in print;

this e-book will help you make that happen!




How to Pick the Right

Kind of Publisher


costs only $10

and downloads in seconds after you




The bottom line is whether having your words in print forever is worth $10 and some writing.

If so, and this is the time, let me help you.


Gordon Burgett

P.S. Where’s the guarantee? Right here. We always guarantee everything of ours that we sell. If it’s not as promised, or better, you get your money back, no questions asked.