So you want to publish a bookgreat! I presume you want to make money from it too. Why not? (Or at least you want to get back what you invest). How about a pinch (or gallon) of fame as well, and maybe a stint on the talk shows—to mortify your family or kids?


The problems are obvious—and surmountable. If just putting a first-rate book together isn’t a hill to climb, it’s twice as hard to get a major publisher to print and promote it. Of course you can publish it yourself (self-publishing right now is a legitimate rage), but then it’s flat-out harder to get anybody else to buy it.


I’ve been writing my own books (46 now, all published) and helping others do their books too (over 100), and I also started a publishing firm in 1982, maybe before you were born. I swim in all of these ponds all the time. Which means I can help you through the rough spots…


The least profitable book I published earned about $8,000 (of those out for at least a year), and four have brought in between $125-150,000. Another set of related books I published has brought in close to $2 million. Yours might earn seven digits many times over. But it won’t until it’s written and in print.


Most important, I can almost always tell within 15 minutes if your work has a chance, and in two hours I can tell you straight out what it needs to be a winner, or what can be done if something is missing. There’s no magic here. It took 40+ years in the publishing field to get there. The information that follows tells more about the process, and an article linked below that gives examples and even more information.


Take a look at the material and if you think you can produce the kind of book you want and that America needs, simply follow the steps and let me help.


No fiction, please. And no children’s books. My strengths are the general market, niche books, and paperback and digital book prep and production, all nonfiction. I don’t know much about novels or kids’ books, except that the thrillers can be lots of fun to read.





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There are two points at which nonfiction books can most benefit from an outsider's experienced, honest, no-holds-barred close reading analysis, and constructive advice.

The most important point is when the project is in its final organizational and design form, before the text is written. That corresponds to the Beginner Information Guidelist linked below. The second key moment is when the best version of the first draft is done but before the book has begun been sent to a publisher or printer. That is more like the Intermediate Information Guidelist, also linked below.

My name is Gordon Burgett and I am now offering just such a review/analysis/commentary service to fill a badly needed gap for writers, speakers, and others eager to share their ideas, advice, and dreams.

The format couldn't be simpler:

1. You let me know what you have in mind: what your book is about and how far along it is.

2. You select the appropriate Information Guidelist and download it (see link below). Respond in writing to that guidelist and send that information so I can best review your progress and help you realize the book's goals. (Your response to the guidelist tells me precisely what you want to know. If not, I must divine.)

3. Please mail the items indicated
plus more, if you wish.

4. I will give the submitted items one focused hour of reading and review
enough to see what's solid, what isn't, and how it can be improved, published, or both.

5. In the second hour I will provide very specific analysis and advice
in writing, on audio cassette, or by phone, as you suggest.

I call this "The Pathfinder" service for the obvious reason that by identifying, designing, and sticking to a path that leads directly from your vision to a published book you can save months or years in time and energy plus thousands of dollars in expense.

The biggest problems that book writers have are conceiving a book that could most fully realize their vision, organizing that book's contents clearly and fully, establishing a doable work schedule, planning a sensible budget, writing at a level demanded by a first-class publication, infusing the necessary marketing into the text and design from the outset, selecting a title that sells, and having the book published or produced so that the end product not only achieves the vision, it is a book that the writer can proudly show for a lifetime.

That's why "The Pathfinder" intervenes at critical points in the book's development. And why this service is unique in helping the writer at the spot when time and money can best be saved by precise focusing. Or, rarely, when the project can be significantly redirected before too much of either has been poorly spent.

The cost is $250 for two hours of my consulting time (normally $150 an hour). How long will it take me to reply? You should have your material back within a week from the time that I have everything in hand. (Or I will contact you with an exact date if it must be longer.) 

What's next? Get in touch. Respond by hitting contact, call the office at (800) 563-1454, fax us at (415) 883-5707, or write to 185 Shevelin Rd. in Novato, CA 94947.

It's your book and your life. If I can help, great. But you must take the first step.



Pathfinder" service. Here's a brief biography as it pertains to book review, commentary, and analysis:

I've owned a publishing firm since 1982 and have also been offered some 2,000 four-hour seminars at colleges and universities throughout California for 30+ years. The three most appropriate are called "Before You Write That Book...," "How to Sell-Publish and Market Your Own Book," and “Publishing to Niche Markets.”  I have also written 46 published books, mostly about writing, speaking, and publishing, including Niche Publishing, How to Sell More Than 75% of Your Freelance Writing, The Travel Writer's Guide, and a Writer's Digest release, Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles. Six times my books were writers Digest Book Club selections. Over the past 30 years I have also had 1,700+ articles published. Finally, I am a long-standing member of the American Society for Journalists and Authors, the Publishers Marketing Association, and the National Speakers Association. (For more information about the books and me, please check this link.)


The page titled THE PATHFINDER EXPLANATION SHEET that you just read explained the purpose of this service. Let me elaborate some upon it, and if what follows is agreeable to you I ask that you sign and return this sheet, the information I need to assist you, and the payment by mail or email/credit card.

1. I will provide two hour's consultation concerning the project you will describe and the material submitted. Unless otherwise agreed upon, that will be approximately one hour of reading and review of the item(s) sent and one hour of analysis and commentary sent to you, with the material submitted by mail in written form unless you stipulate otherwise.

2. Every attempt will be made to have that in the mail and, hopefully, back to you within a week of the receipt of the items sent. It’s faster if you want it emailed!

3. If you include a list or indication of precisely what you want to know as it relates to the project and the items sent, I will, to the best of my ability, respond to each point. If you don't or there is other information I feel you need to know, I will comment as if I were seeking my own help with the material sent, to best help you prepare a successful book.

4. My response is not the last word on the subject; it is my opinion shared with you at your request. Nor am I a lawyer or accountant; if such assistance is required, the services of a competent professional in those fields should be sought.

5. Full payment of $250 should accompany this letter of agreement. Payment can be made by check (payable to Communication Unlimited) or by PayPal, VISA, or Mastercard. In the last three cases, I need to know the full card number, expiration date, the name in which it is issued, and the 3-4 digit number on the back of the card.

6. Additional expenses greater than $5 will be billed later, if there are any. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for the return of all items you want back by mail. Other expenses would be in the nature of necessary phone or FAX calls, photocopying, or additional consulting. Those are very rare if all materials are initially sent to me in one package, it is clear what you want to do and to know, and return postage is enclosed. If you mail the items to me, want an email response, and do not care about the return of the items, tell me, I will dispose of the latter, and there is no return postage necessary.

7. Please make a copy of everything you will send. We have yet to lose anything or fail to have it arrive here or back to the client, but we ask you to protect yourself on the long shot that it might happen. I too will make a copy of my report for the same reason.

8. I want you to create a book that meets, or surpasses, all of your expectations. Let's work together to let me help you do that.

If you are in agreement with the eight points made above, please sign and return a copy of this "Letter of Agreement" with the items stipulated and I shall begin the review, analysis, and commentary as soon as it is received.


Gordon Burgett

Agreed to and accepted this date (        ) by _________________________________________
 (If you are emailing your agreement to me, write out that you accept the terms and type your name. Then mail or fax.)



Gordon Burgett


(800) 563-1454





Almost there!

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Gordon Burgett


(800) 563-1454