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If you have something to say, both write it and speak it (usually in that order). That’s the big bucks combo that can bring huge benefits to you and to your readers and listeners. It’s also the very heart of empire building, where the strongest core item of your empire is usually a seminar or a book.  

Years ago I co-authored a book, with Mike Frank called Speaking for Money. Long out of print, we divided up the two most lucrative paths then readily available to speakers to follow for a prosperous future: Mike (President a few years earlier of the National Speakers Association) wrote mostly about keynotes and "regular” speeches. At that time I was probably giving more seminars than anybody else in California, so seminars (workshops and breakout sessions included) was my half of the book. 

A third category has become technically feasible and nearly as profitable since then: first it was audio cassettes, now audio CDs. Add to that videos and podcasts (particularly with visual components), and those five—speeches, seminars, audio CDs, videos, and podcasts—are the most likely ways you can speak for big money in the early 21st century. 

So if you are eager to earn well (and work hard) in the speaking field (or facet of empire building), those will surely be the means you will use to share what you know and what your listeners want to hear—or should! 

My credentials? I’ve given 2000+ paid presentations, been an active member of the National Speakers Association since 1982, a member of a masters professional speaking group nearly as long, and have produced and sold 25+ audio cassette and CD products. 

How can I help you? 

I have two very specific products for sale right now that can get you going immediately—with others on the prep board to help you even more later. (Stay tuned here and at my free newsletter.)  

Let me share an inch of description of each product here, then send you to their respective websites to see how they can provide quick fuel for your oral fire! 

"How to Set Up and Market Your Own Seminar” 

In short, precisely what you need to know to create and book your own seminar, workshop, or breakout session, whether it’s through colleges, to corporations or associations, or self-sponsored. The four-CD program includes my much-attended four-hour seminar by that title (reduced here to three audio CDs) to hear in your car, iPod, or your office computer; the complete 16-section, 28-page workbook on the fourth disc, fully downloadable, and a bonus downloadable spoken text summary that tells you what I am saying in what order, a sort of cheat sheet that will help you review before and after the oral sharing and help you jump to areas you may want to hear again.

For the full agenda and workbook table of contents, just check its website

"How to Easily and Inexpensively Create
Your Own Audio CDs and DVDs"

This is an e-book to read, then just lay open beside your computer and microphone while you produce super back-of-the-room products or digital oral versions of your whole presentations (plus a digital workbook, if you wish). Great for writers too, to build oral renditions of your books, booklets, reports, or case studies. My purpose is to get rid of the technical mumbo-jumbo, make the creation process quick and cheap while creating classy products, help you find trouble-free no- or low-cost software (if you don’t already have it), show you how to sell the CDs widely and soon—even how to get others bidding to create your CDs or DVDs for you! The title tells all, as does the webpage

That’s not all… 

In my free monthly newsletter ("Writers, Speakers, Publishers, and Product Developers: Create Your Own Highly Profitable Empire!”) I talk about what works in speaking, as well as what is new that you can use. (New subscribers also receive three, free, very useful reports to help them find focus and get started. Details here.) 

Also, take a quick look at the item to the left, "Gordon’s Speaking,” simply to see how you might announce your availability (minus horns, cymbals, and blinking lights) on your website while you somewhat qualify the potential booking clients by what you say (and how you say it). In the near future, I will add some video and podcast components, and I will probably expand all three themes with linked pages listing specific speech titles and a press room for each. 

And while you are roaming on the left of this page, check "Gordon’s Audio CDs” simply to see how your speaking by-products can enhance your greater income.  

Finally, there are lots of other ways you can use recorded speeches: in video snippets; in a short, edited clips of many programs to send to prospective bookers; as a free bonus to your newsletter recipients (see an example in the 5/1/09 newsletter edition), to sell related written products through your (or others’) websites… 

That’s it! Now get speaking… 


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