My intent is to help you get in print quickly, reliably, and often.

That can be through articles, reports, e-books, bound books, or a many other formats that depend on a writing base. 

Of course, you have to do your part too. You have to find something to say that’s worth reading, locate appropriate words to spark and carry that interest, and then put those words in an order that grabs readers and keeps them moving forward…  

Where I can usually help the most is by providing a process that will help you get the editor’s attention, shake loose a “go-ahead” (“write it and send it”) so that editor will seriously read your prose, and then tell you how to sell that same piece, as is or modestly reconstructed, to lots of other editors. 

You see, I’ve been a published article writer 1,700+ times, plus 36 times in bound books, plus scores of e-books, reports, and more… 

That resulted in my specializing in three areas where I have particularly focused on helping writers like you cash in: 

NICHE PUBLISHING, where the most used book in the field, Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time (just updated and in print) is mine. I’ve also given hundreds of seminars on the topic, and I began my own niche publishing firm in 1982, where we have specialized in books for dentists and school administrators, principals, and teachers. Why is niche publishing always worth considering and usually the best route to a best-selling, high-profit book? Because it can be risk free and pre-tested before you write a word or spend more than a token, and with it you can leave no books unsold.   

TRAVEL WRITING, where my Travel Writers Guide book and audio CD/workbook  program called “How to Sell 75% of Your Travel Writing” help travel-oriented writers find salable target items, plan their trip, coordinate fact and impression gathering with photography, and create multi-selling articles. (I’m also the executive editor of, where the top visual travel podcasts are produced and I provide a how-to tutorial on Provider Island.)    

GENERAL ARTICLES AND BOOKS. While the selling techniques vary some, for decades I offered two very popular seminars that helped those eager to write and sell to broader-based magazines, newspapers, and major publishers: “How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing” and “Query and Cover Letters.” Both became books, as did my Sell and Resell You’re Your Magazine Articles, published by Writer’s Digest Books.    

How can I help you? 

Before you invest much time or energy in article preparation, read my books and reports or hear the audio CDs to see how to best focus on finding the right topic and pre-sell it to the editor. Then sell that same article again and again… 

I can provide much more immediate help with book publishing. 

For niche books, I can help at almost any stage of the book’s preparation and publication through one-on-one consulting. (See the link on the left.) 

Or for self-published books (or manuscripts needing direction), my manuscript review service will tell you if the document is ready to publish and how it can be best positioned during and after the publication process for maximum sales. 

There is, in fact, a fourth category of specialization where I can help you multiple your income almost from the inception of your unique idea or information: 

EMPIRE BUILDING. The premise here is that any information dissemination means (the best core means are books and seminars) can serve as the base of a cluster of income-creating buying fonts that can result in a lifelong source of earning. By establishing your expertise through one means, then expanding and rolling out your indispensability through other, closely-linked means, each of the ways by which you share your expertise strengthens your empire and draws more buying attention to it. 

Books are usually the strongest foundation for empires. They show your expertise most clearly—and permanently. Niche-marketed books usually provide the strongest base because it’s fairly easy to test the premise before the book is written, then direct its promotion to a market that is reachable at an affordable cost. 

Articles do two things best: (1) they are great positioning tools in tightly-focused markets, and can form the core segment[s] around which the basic book is written, and (2) additional articles continue to draw attention to you as the indispensable provider of usable, valuable, and needed information and your empire and its components as the wisest ways to get that information regularly and dependably. Plus, article can see light quickly—and often you get paid with more than just a website-directed bio slug!.     

Oh yes, seriously consider my free newsletter too. 

Written for writers, speakers, publishers, and product developers, “Create Your Own Highly Profitable Empire!” now has many thousands of apparently pleased recipients each month. And all of them, just for signing up, received three free, very useful reports that are immediately downloadable. Some daring souls even peek at my new blog, where I post about three times a week.



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