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I do almost no coaching at all because I’ve never wanted to. I’m an awful hand-holder, and I’m impatient. What I like least about coaching is the whining, particularly if something brilliant I suggest utterly flops and drives the client to ruin.  

Anyway, almost everything that I can tell you is in one of my 36 books, in a seminar or breakout I’m offering, or in a program at my order form. The current stuff I share free at my newsletter or my blog (also free, but check the newsletter first). 

Coaching takes more time than I have to properly give you. And it costs you a ton of money: $1,800 a month, for a year, all paid in advance. 

Consulting is something else. I can zero in and help you solve a problem, set up a process, or tell you what’s wrong (and right) with your plan or action. For that, this is where you should look. 

And I’m very, very good at letting you know if your non-fiction manuscript is ready to print or submit; if not, what it needs, and, if so, how to get many more sales. That’s manuscript review, and it hides here

But if you really want me as a coach, let me send you to another website where a colleague, Bob Bly, tells the public how he feels about coaching. I’m cheaper than Bob but I like it even less—and I’m surely much worse. (A perfect example of getting what you pay for.) 

Everything Bob says applies to me too, including the process. He’s simply gentler and kinder about it. 

Still, it’s a very strange world, and if you still want me as your coach (likely your last), contact me and we can talk—after I stop laughing.



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