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How to Set Up and Market Your Own Seminar





In a few hours of speaking you can create the core of a life-time of reliable, big income. Nothing has made more and quicker money for me in decades of information marketing than my seminars, workshops, and breakout sessions.

   So let me show you “How to Set Up and Market Your Own Seminar” for a price less than you will earn from one or two registrants at your first presentation!

   Better yet, not only will you receive my usual full, four-hour seminar by that title (reduced here to three audio CDs) to hear in your car, iPod, or your office computer, the complete 16-section, 28-page workbook is on a fourth disc, fully downloadable. What’s in the workbook? Supplemental information about giving seminars on your own, through colleges, and to business and associations; descriptions; budget guidelines; promotion; flyer creation; news releases; what topics work; what you do in what order to get going and prospering.

   Too busy to take notes while you’re driving? You will also receive a bonus downloadable spoken text summary that tells you what I am saying in what order, a sort of cheat sheet that will help you review before and after the oral sharing and help you jump to areas you may want to hear again.

   Whether you are building your own empire or just want to share (and prosper) with others who need and want to hear what you know, you is the core stuff, the how-to information and process, you need right now!



Audio CD (with workbook and text summary report) $ 69

How to Easily and Inexpensively Test Your Niche Book First!





Niche publishing is the most profitable and by far the least risky form of publishing--if you test first!

Here, Gordon Burgett shares the three-item test that he has used for years, with all of the steps you need so you can easily and inexpensively test to see if niche buyers in your field will pay to read your words. You will know the results in 30 days that can make you rich and running your own empire for decades!

Who would build a car and not test it as quickly as possible before plowing thousands more into the final product? It's no different here, except you needn't write a word of the book or get anything printed before you test and know!

What does Gordon talk about on the disc? Your niche market, your book subject, finding a mailing list, your one-page test flyer, your book title, a test note to your potential buyers, a postcard, the pre-test cost, expected results, and composing and mailing the test packet. The package also includes the audio CD script and model testing tools you can download and immediately configure, all for $38!



Audio CD (with script and testing tools) $ 38

How to Sell 75% of Your Travel Writing



Gordon combines the best of his two most popular four-hour seminars, "Writing Travel Articles That Sell"  based on his book The Travel Writer's Guide, and How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing,” from his book by the same name. Here, Burgett has plucked from the best of both and slanted it specifically to travel writers. This 45-minute, two-CD program is a super bargain, with Gordon explaining the selling process by audio cassette, then offering the 10 key elements of the workbook in digital Word format, for immediate download and use! 

Two four-hour $50 programs for only $30!



Audio CD (with workbook), $ 30

How to Plan a Great Second Life



In this stereo MP3 version, the book's author, Gordon Burgett, reads the booklet that is a fun, immediately usable condensation of his book, How to Plan a Great Second Life: What are you going to do with your extra 30 years? The 44-minute CD will play in your car, computer, stereo, or iPOD.

In Gordon’s 256-page book he helps you create your own future life map. His straightforward guide for singles or couples helps you (1) review where you are now with skills, money, and health; (2) create a “Dream List,” (3) prioritize and time-peg those dreams, (4) put them into doable action steps, (5) factor in the resources you have to fund them, and (6) put their resulting Action Plan into motion!

Best yet, it also offers a free digital download of 14 vital forms and information sheets to use as permanent fill-in resource links that can be kept on your website as you apply the CD’s ideas to your own future…



Audio CD, $10


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