Consult with Gordon about niche publishing?


That’s a super idea since he (modestly stated) wrote the book about the topic—Publishing to Niche Marketsplus two earlier books in a related trilogy, Empire Building by Writing and Speaking and Niche Marketing for Writers and Speakers.


More important, he’s continued to produce top-selling books (and related products) in three different niche fields while directing a publishing company since 1982. He knows the topic, the ways to economize yet create quality products, and how to get multiple income from more effective marketing. 


Gordon has already spoken professionally (he was paid!) more than 2,000 times—mostly about niche publishing, old-fashioned regular publishing (using another publisher to produce and sell the book), or some aspect of writing and selling one’s writing.


So sitting down for a one-on-one (or small group) consultation for a half day or day may be the best investment possible. He’s published over 100 books since 1982 and written 36 that saw print (many were book club top choices by the major firms in the writing area.) Gordon has also sold 1700+ freelance articles in magazines and newspapers. So there’s lots of how-to advice available.


If it sounds like you might greatly benefit from such a meeting, why not contact us? Gordon will simply tell you whether it’s worth your time and his. Then you decide…




Niche Publishing

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