Consult with Gordon?

Hundreds already consult with Gordon—beginners and professionals worldwide—most in three key areas:

Niche Publishing: That’s a natural since he wrote the book about the topic—Niche Publishing—plus two earlier books in a related trilogy, Empire Building by Writing and Speaking and Niche Marketing for Writers and Speakers. As important, he’s continued to produce top-selling books (and related products) in three different niche fields while directing a publishing company since 1982. He knows the topic, the ways to economize yet create quality products, and how to get multiple income from more effective marketing. 

Empire Building: As the author of Empire Building by Writing and Speaking, he’s pretty much the authority in this field too, having built several empires and having shown his expertise in all four of the core components: writing, speaking, publishing, and product development. That’s why his monthly newsletter is called “Create Your Own Highly Profitable Empire.” Just subscribe—it’s free—and see his approach to cutting the time, cost, and useless energy to making you a top leader in your field. Half a day or a day with Gordon may well cut a year from your emergence and recognition as a top figure who, too, should be consulted and whose products should be bought!

Manuscript Review: Focusing on non-fiction books, in Gordon’s two-hour consultation he asks you to submit replies to a series of key questions, plus your manuscript. What’s he looking for? Is it ready to go to print? If so, how can it best be sold from the time it is released? If not, what more does it need? And a dozen more critical things that only a professional with 36 of his own books (and 1,700 articles), plus a publisher with 100+ items in print, can tell you. Just read his explanation at this site.

Gordon has already spoken professionally (he was paid!) more than 2,000 times—mostly about niche publishing, old-fashioned regular publishing (using another publisher to produce and sell the book), or some aspect of writing and selling one’s writing. His books and related products can be found in the index lists to the right of this page.

So sitting down for a one-on-one (or small group) consultation for a half day or day may be the best investment you can make.

All it takes is a call. Why not contact us ? Gordon will tell you whether it’s worth your time and his—and why. Then you decide…


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Gordon Burgett's monthly newsletter is "Create Your Own Highly Profitable Empire"


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