Are you being quoted often enough?


Or ever?




Each time your name (and link to your newsletter, webpage, or book) appears in print, thatís a ticket to high-value free publicity.


And FREE PUBLICITY is like gilded rain!


Seeing your quotation in print (or hearing you give it) ...


††††††††† * Says you are smart, special, and articulateóone of the chosen.


††††††††† * Compels the reader to click your link.


††††††††† * Tells them to pay more attention to you and what you say.


††††††††† * Confirms that from a million (or a hundred) choices, you were singularly chosen because you are gifted.


You get the idea.


So if itís so valuable, what are you doing right now to make it happen?


Just what I thought. Thatís why I wrote:


How to be QUOTED




Itís a 18-page, 6000-word report that will show you how to launch a quick campaign to see your wit, humor, insight, charm, and neon common sense shared often in prize-length portions where your buyers read or listen.


It starts with one quote from you. Another wizard in your field recognizes that quoteís genius and it is shared with the 25,000 readers of their newsletter. You helped 25,000 people, they saw it was you, and some of them want to know more about what makes you so extraordinary. (Some put the quote in their newsletter, speech, or book.) The next thing you know the folks are buying everything you produce and are begging to wash your car and contribute to your retirement plan!


Well, it doesnít exactly happen that way. But it sure doesnít hurt to see your name and acumen forever in somebody elseís text or book. Or hear you singled out as an expert...


In this report I show you two campaigns we conducted that have others thinking that this journeyman wordsmith (thatís me) dines with the upper echelons, the true honchos, in several fields. The reward: several speeches, many breakout sessions, lots of books sold, requests for articles written, and a very happy mother before she passed.


Iíll talk about being a radio expert, finding model quotes to get you started, getting interviewed, planting quotes for future growth, how to submit to eager editors, how hard work trumps non-fame, what makes quotes work, and, of course, more.


Thatís it, almost the end of the sales pitch.


The report costs 99 cents! Am I nuts? ORDER today, before I recover!


Somebodyís quotes will be filling up websites, newsletters, magazines, journals, posters, book sayings. Somebody is going to be speaking on the TV and radio. Somebodyís words are going to fill othersí blogs and tweets. If itís not you, shame. Iím trying to show you the quick how-to process.


Is it worth less than a buck to have your name quoted for posterityóor to make your mother happyóor your father astonished?


Last chance while the feverís on me: ORDER.


Incidentally, why not put stuff in print that others will quote? (And charge them 99 cents!)



Gordon Burgett††