Why not sell my products to your e-list, at your seminar, or to any of your clients in whatever decent way you wish—and immediately earn 50%? 

Offended? Me? That you’re selling my words? Delighted is the word—and I’ll pay you very generously to do so! 

Why would I let others sell what took me many hours and months to research, write, prepare, and sell to my own clients? 

► Because it’s good stuff,

► It makes no sense for you rewrite it,

► You make money and I do too, and

► We all want the same thing—to put the best possible material in our buyers’ hands. 

You get paid? You bet. You will receive a fast, solid income from simply letting your buyers know that my products exist, that they get your approval, and that they need to read or see them. 

And here’s the part you can’t beat. You needn’t create a thing, proof, publish, stock, collect the money, or even fill the orders. (Although you will have to cash your own check.)  

What’s the trick? 

None I can think of since I gladly and eagerly do the same exact thing selling others’ products in the very same way. I sell their products to my buyers who simply need their words to progress. It’s called affiliation.  

I have a marketing server that includes the best affiliation program around. All you do is go here and sign up. Absolutely no obligation, cost, up-front money, or anything else. Fill in the form (we never share a word of your specifics with others) and read the explanation of how you can keep current on the commissions you earn and the many kinds of products you can sell—a product list that grows monthly. 

What does my product list include? Bound books, e-books, audio CDs, reports, and booklets. 

Who usually buys them? 

► Writers

► Speakers

► Publishers

► Product Developers

► Empire Builders

► Information Marketers

► About a million other people who have information and stories to tell… 

You tell your contacts that the products exist. (I’ll gladly share copy and artwork about the products, or create a landing page that will put the order form directly in the readers’ hands.) Then we add your own personal order link that I have provided you.  

That’s the last thing you do, except get your check in the mail (or by PayPal). If you don’t do any of the above, no check. Bingo. 

Meanwhile, the buyers order through the link, pay, and if the product is digital, they activate another download link a few seconds later. If it must be mailed, we mail it that day or the next. While we are sweating, you can lounge and watch your commission tallies go up! 

Too good to be true? 

Sounds that way, doesn’t it? 

What is almost too good to be true is that we will even pay you 5% of what other affiliates you bring to our program earn. (You must talk to me about that, though, before I activate the second-tier payment and explain how it works. I don’t want any flakes or game players since I’d rather be creating products that you can sell than hassling affiliates. I’ve never had to hassle one yet so this precaution seems to work.) 

And what is the regular commission that seems to so effortlessly float down from heaven? 

Would 50% amaze you? It did—and still does—amaze me. That’s for our digital products. For the things we must mail, it’s 40%, while they still exist. (We may go all-digital within a year or two.) 

Any catch at all? 

Well, it’s not a catch exactly. But I won’t sell any product from those with whom I affiliate if I don’t think it’s top-notch and what my buyers need and would be delighted to own. 

Fortunately, that’s the very standard we maintain with our own products. What I sell meets the very stipulations I insist upon. But if you feel they don’t, then my product list certainly isn’t for you. 

You see, that’s critical because it’s how I sell my own products and the others I sell by affiliation. I say to my trusted buyers, “This is first-rate and I think you need it. Here’s why…” So if that’s a catch, there it is.   

Why would your folks buy my products? 

Quality, of course. I talk about writing, speaking, and publishing—and I’ve had 36 of my books in print (plus 1700+ freelance articles and 28 audio products), given 2000+ paid speaking presentations, and published 100+ books, including the industry standard, Niche Publishing.)  

Also, the prices are right, in a market segment that is extremely price sensitive. Too high and nobody buys them no matter how valuable they are. Too cheap and neither you nor I make any money. So they are priced just about right—for you, me, and the buyers.

Why not become an affiliate right now? 

The advantages?

A list of top-rate products ready to sell without delay.

A 90-day no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.

A 50% commission on most of the products!

No cost—no obligation—no up-front expense.

A ready-to-go program simply waiting for you to take action.

Here's your chance!


Gordon Burgett

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