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You know that niche publishing is by far the most lucrative—and fastest—way to make a ton of forever money in print.


“Sure, but it probably takes forever to do--and since there’s a lot fewer people in my niche than buy at the bookstores, what if nobody buys?


What if I can show you how to test your book twice in 30 days so that the non-buying risk is totally removed? In fact, it’s about 99% risk free?


And all you need are three simple testing tools—whatever your book is about?


Most new publishers just write a book, put it together so it looks sort of semi-professional, and then spend a year trying to get anybody to sell or buy it!


Excuse me, but on one 42-minute audio CD called “How to Easily and Inexpensively Test Your Niche Book First!” I can save you almost all that time, hassle, and selling fear. And I’ll even include FREE the disc’s script plus a downloadable copy of all three of the model’s testing tools!


It will show you how to determine the minimum amount of money you want back from the book. $50,000? $100,000? Ten times that?


That way you’ll know how many “buy” replies you’ll need from your test before you even write a word, get a cover, or spend a penny more…


“Sure, but the test probably costs a small fortune…”


It’s less than 1% of the minimum that you want back—and if you don’t test? Don’t ask!


All you have to do is follow the steps on the audio (or script), paste my tools and reword them for your book, and send them by mail to a very small number of your niche buyers (I’ll show you how). Then in 30 days you will know almost to the book the number you should print and the size of the income (and grateful followers) you can expect …


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Gordon Burgett


P.S. Nobody else will do this for you—nor do you want them too. A core book in your niche buyer’s hands is gold. Your gold!


And once they have bought your book, you have the foundation to double, quintuple, or whatever 100X more in income is, through empire building. (You’re already subscribed to the newsletter that talks about that!)


But you have to sell that book first. It establishes your expertise and gives you the capital (and buyers) to grow and grow…


P.P.S. Please do it now. The cost of “How to Easily and Inexpensively Test Your Niche Book First!” is ridiculously low. And it will double on August 1--in just two weeks. (I’m giving you a preview buy before it goes on the general market.) So please buy it today so you don’t forget…



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