Six Special Tools for Speakers








Attention Getters That Work Fast!


Gordon Burgett


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This 110-page, updated (2014) ebook focuses on six items that can get new or veteran speakers moved to the front of the line for paid bookings!


What convinces a gate-keeper doing the selecting faster than an applicant with a book about their proposed speaking topic? Particularly if itís first-rate in both appearance and content, shouts expertise, and even contains evidence that the author also has a sense of humor?


What if you could get 10 or 30 books (or as many as you want) for about $5 each, bound and looking like you just stole them from the bookstoreóthat cost you only $25 in production fees? And you didnít have to know anything about publishing? In your hands in 7-10 days bound, and an hour digitally? Read this ebook for the details.


But if not a full book, how about a half-book, a substantial ebook, or even a solid report?


And while you are at it, why not create a 12- or 24-page booklet and impress the programmer with its conciseness, logic, and obvious organization? In fact, send eight booklets, one for each of the decision-makers.


The fastest of the six special tools is the one-page fact sheet (like the two samples in this e-book) that accompanies your introduction letter, to show in one look your topic, title, purpose, experience, testimonials, and more, with a your photo or a copy of that book soon to arrive.

Do you think the booker would be positively influenced if she/he saw you delivering a rousing speech on a video or snippets of many presentations? Or even could hear that by some audio means?


Letís even explore how you use presentations you have given, or will, to get a positive booking nod: breakouts, workshops, seminars, speeches, or keynotes.


No surprise then that what follows is the Table of Contents of Six Special Tools That Get Speakers Booked First:††



Introduction, 4




Making Yourself the Obvious Booking Choice, 6




Six Special Tools That Get Speakers Booked First, 19


SECTION ONE: Books, 20


SECTION TWO: Reports, E-Books, and Half-Books, 69


SECTION THREE: Booklets, 74


SECTION FOUR: Tip Sheets, 82


SECTION FIVE: Audio and video, 91


SECTION SIX: Keynotes and Speeches; seminars, Workshops, and Breakout Sessions, 96


Conclusion, 103


About the Author, 104

Related Products and Services, 106


Appendix: Two Sample Tip Sheets, 107



This e-book costs $29, and if it leads to one booking, youíre ahead by lots of play money and meals! So let us help you book quickly and economically.


Talk about quick: if ordered, it will be yours to read or download in about five seconds.