This article, with two photos, appeared in Pulitzer’s Santa Maria Times on April 24, 2004 (pp. C 9-10).

Niche Publisher

Freelancer understood business when he started in 1981


Orcutt resident Gordon Burgett owns and directs a publishing company from the confines of his home.

Communication Unlimited was  started in 1981, when Burgett saw a need for niche publishing, which identifies specific demographic markets and publishes books directed to that group's needs.

From humble beginnings, Burgett  and Communication Unlimited have carved a niche in the publishing world and thrive among the giants in  the industry, he said.

"I've been writing for many years and by the time I decided to get into publishing myself 1 had over a thousand freelance articles in print. It struck me that people didn't know how to get freelance work into print," Burgett said.

"It was at that point I began to give seminars on how to sell freelance work and that's when the idea for a book on the subject came in.

“I went to some publishers and found 1 would make very little money doing it their way. So 1 decided to try to do it myself, knowing nothing about how to do it in the beginning.”

"I started with a $600 investment in my first book and a lot of patience; then size, etc.) used in Word to compose the page. (That same information also appears below, for your convenience.)


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