Publish Your Own Book in Less Than 30 Days!


You can actually publish your own book in nine different versions in less than 30 days with first-rate houses at no cost! It doesnít matter if itís a novel, a non-fiction how-to, a cookbook, a memoir, naughty, niched, or for kids. The publisher(s) will prepare the book in bound and/or electronic form, sell it, and pay you royalties. Which of the seven ancillary publishing houses is best for you? Why not use all seven at once? No copyright difficulties and one publisher pays 85% per copy sold.


Let a publishing vet sort it out for you in four fast hours! Gordon Burgett will take you through the process step-by-step, helping you prioritize. Heíll explain the detailed take-home guide you can use later to have your book selling right away. The procedure is almost the same whether you are just staring out, have a final draft sitting around, or you are a small publishing house seeking secondary, passive income.




Gordon Burgett has been a publisher since 1982, has 39 books (and 1,700 freelance articles) in print, and wrote Niche Publishing, the industry standard. His firm has produced and published hundreds of books and other products. This program is from his newest book, How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days! (For book info, see


Heís fun too: ask those who have eagerly returned to Gordonís more than 2,000 presentations!



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