I suspect that almost all of the big earners in public speaking today have had a dozen different starter speeches, and that meant that a new booker had to be found every time before they could share the word and get paid.


Thatís pretty much what I did too, so Iím not condemning. But I caught on fairly quickly that nobody I knew was speaking and earning less than me. Something was drastically wrong with my business model!


Let me suggest a different approach, one I stumbled across almost 50 years (and 2000+ paid spoken presentations) ago. The concept was to create, then tweak, one core speech and build the rest of my programs and products around it.


Iím still tweaking the same speech. Itís a week before 2014, and, though Iím doing a lot more consulting now than orating, Iím booked to give derivations of that one speech three times in the next couple of months.


Enough of me. I want you to prosper quickly by speaking often and very profitably.


It starts with asking yourself, ďWhat would an ideal speech be like for me?Ē Then, ďHow could I create an ideal speaking business around that speech?Ē And ďHow could I live very happily, and profitably, that way?Ē




Thatís how this 50-page how-to ebook / report begins. The rest of the text gives you the ways to make that concept work for you.


If youíre earning from $200-2,000 a program, the $29 how-to information is the deal of the year.


If you agree, just ORDER here and it will be yours as fast as it takes you to fill in the order form and push your computer key for the download.


Of course, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked. A fairly safe bet because we sell lots of products every year, same guarantee, and only get a couple returned.


Most of our products bring immediate results, usually money earned or bookings signed. But this ebook / report talks about lots of years still coming, and it says that right now is the time to outline the direction you are headed and to build your own empire from the speeches, seminars, or breakout sessions while you are creating a product base that doubles or triples your returns every time you appear.


I wrote the report because Iíve done what Iím sharing with you. I just wish somebody had tipped me off at the beginning. I could have saved years of time and been a lot more confident when I was trying to convince others that I had something to say that their listeners needed to hearÖ


Thatís it, my sales speech.


If you buy or not, my warmest wishes for your success. Speaking is a lot of funóand it even pays well.


Best wishes,


Gordon Burgett


(800) 563-1454