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If you are in California, the easiest way to hear about the niche publishing revolution is to attend one of his seminars. (Contact Gordon directly to come as his guest.) Why not check his most recent schedule at CA colleges and universities, updated about three months before the fall, spring, and summer offerings?

If you don't live anywhere near California?
Gordon has related materials by book, audio cassetes, and reports.

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High profits, potentially huge spin-off income, and virtually no risk make niche publishing the brightest field for self-growth today. From one core idea you can create an empire, with you in full control of your products and publishing timetable.

Let Gordon Burgett, author of the Publishing to Niche Markets and the expert in the field, tell you how to find a lucrative topic and market, test it before you invest much money or time, quickly create the selling publication, and turn the topic and book into a launching pad to resell, as is or modified, by other means. In this seminar, Burgett focuses on books, reports, and booklets.

Not for fiction or children’s books. But if your book is for a niche market, avoid the commercial publishers and follow the TCE methods this seminar explains. A free, detailed workbook lets you take the concept home, apply it immediately, and probably be in print before the big houses can reject your query! Register if you’re serious about making a healthy publishing return.

Explanatory Article about Niche Publishing

Not sure how the "niche publishing" and "niche marketing" concept works, or why it is extremely profitable but needs to be approached properly? Gordon wrote an excellent, example-filled article that tells all, and is easy to download and read in the idle moment later. Check here to see the text. (This is the canary-colored article you received in the mail.)

He also tells you (at the end of that article) of other, related products that he has--books, seminar on tape, reports, and consulting--if you are serious about pursuing this exciting form of publishing.

Link here to download the partial article on the back of the fact sheet/letter. (That was all Gordon wrote in that piece!)

Why are those who know excited about niche publishing?

* You test your buyers before you invest much money or time...
* You determine the amount of money you want to earn before you start the book prep...
* You create the ancillary selling strategy to sell your core idea many other ways once the book is finished...
* You are always in control of your book: its title, structure, cover, format...
* The book can be on the market in a month or several, after testing; regular books average 18 months to be prepped...
* Since almost all the books will be sold by mail, 50% of them will be sold in four weeks, 98% in 13...
* Every penny not spent on the book and its promotion is your profit. Forget 10% royalties, think 30-60% of gross, if done right...
* There's easy-to-follow instructions in two books that will carry you through every phase of the publishing. Just read and do...

6-Step Way to Achieve That Ideal Book ...

To finish the letter in which Gordon explained the six things an ideal book would be like for him, here are the ways that book can be achieved (which are the core of the process and Gordon's book Publishing to Niche Markets):

(1) Find a critical need for a qualifying niche market.
(2) Promise to meet that need in the promotional material.
(3) Test that need and the market's desire to meet it through a book (or booklet, report, etc.).
(4) Thoroughly research that need.
(5) Write and produce a book that directly and honestly meets that need and meets the promotional promises.
(6) Sell that core need-meeting information by all other, appropriate means for that niche market.

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