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July 7, 2010


Want to get widely interviewed as a radio show guest?

That’s the only theme in this newsletter (plus a quick note at the bottom). An overview in this section, a “why?” in the next section, then three live marketing items I’m about to launch (here a bit modified). Your thoughts are, as always, appreciated. Here we go: 

You, on the radio often and everywhere? It’s doable–but you must find the hosts. And you must have something to say!

You can test the booking locally–or in some state far from local listeners. Go to the library and find the reference book that lists talk and news stations in the U.S., write down the station’s call letters, show, producer, address, email, and phone number. The higher the wattage, usually the more folks who listen. A 50,000 watt station is far better than one with 500 watts.

Radio station lists are also rentable or buyable. Start by going to Google search and insert “radio station addresses+talk show.” If your target is more specific, like “women” or “sports,” add that to your search. (I rent Joe Sabah’s Excel list of about 840 current talk shows, at about a dime each.)

You can speed all of this up by having public relations folk set up the radio presentations–they will want a pile of your books to send off with their correspondence, plus a small pile of money.

However you find them, you must then contact the producer and tell, in essence, why the host will benefit from speaking with you on air. What do you have to say that their listeners would want to hear? Be sure to tell them if you’ve been on the radio recently, and a bit about who you are.

You can simply call the producer. That’s the quickest way. Or you can send a postcard, a letter with additives, an e-mail, or a copy of the book that you will talk about, plus its press kit—which can be linked to at your website. You might also send a copy of your book or article (if you have one).

If interested, the producer will likely call you after the contact is made. He or she will want to hear you speak. Articulation counts. Sound bytes are a real thing: can you give your message clearly and succinctly? If you tell stories (readers love quick stories), do they make sense and are they funny, sad, emotional, or whatever they are supposed to be?

Which gets back to why they might want you as a guest. If you’re a celebrity, or infamous, that may be reason enough. But if you’re like the rest of us, the producer will probably assume you have a recently published book that has a purpose that the listeners want to hear about. Or maybe you are pushing a cause—you must have something unique and decent to share.

If you are good, they may ask you back! If you aren’t, your 30-minute slot will suddenly fill up with ads and only last 10 minutes.

The best prep is to create a mock show by making a list of 20 likely questions, then create a 10-second response to each, plus another 10-15 seconds more of a story or example. You might send the interested producer a list of the “10 most asked questions” about your topic (the best of your 20, without the answers). If booked, hope that the host includes some or all of your suggestions! For your own use, write down the three points you must make (usually a short sentence max each.) Work those into the answers to the most likely questions—those are the plugs that pay the bills.   

That’s a quick overview of the key stepping stones to fleeting, on-the-hoof radio fame. It’s also a fun, new adventure.

Have I been on the radio? About 75 times, maybe 100. Why? Listeners buy copies of the book (or product) that I talk about!


Why would you empire-builders or authors even want to be on the radio?

Unless you’re loco about having others see, read, and hear you everywhere, it’s a trade-off. You are betting the cost of getting to the producers (or hosts), giving them a book copy, setting up the website support text, prepping, and being phone-side and talking for a magic 15 or 60 minutes (often at dawn, usually at the most inconvenient hour) in the hope they will buy your product(s) or services or invite you to speak to their convention.

Even that’s not free because somebody has to man the call-in order phone or tend the e-mails. And the bought goods must be sent, the call-back requests tended to, and the income spent.

I’ve lost money and time doing radio, usually because the bookers were insufficiently rabid with enthusiasm to share my message with their listener. Mostly, it’s about a break-even, before gigs from later speaking referrals convert it into a real good idea. The old-fashioned, conventional promotional tools are less risky, but this is one of the most enjoyable. Where else could I banter “live” with bookies and a widow at 4 a.m. on England’s top all-night radio link, or with some dude driving an air-conditioned tractor plowing a soy field in Indiana?

Also, every buyer or respondent is another address for your newsletter or data base.


One radio show e-mail I’m sending out tomorrow…

[We will send this on July 8 to 338 program producers or hosts, hoping to have maybe a dozen broadcasts up and scheduled this way by the end of July. They are testable because they are from the same zip code range.]

Subject: Lots of your readers want to write and publish a book. Let’s show them how to do it fast and free!

It’s said that 40% of America’s adults want to write a book. I’m Gordon Burgett—and that percentage may be low. But I’m sure that 90% of them wouldn’t know what to do next with their book even if they did write it!

So let’s tell them about the most important change ever in book publishing from the writer’s perspective: your listeners can literally be in print digitally in minutes (once the book itself is written and ready to go). They can have a good-looking bound book out in days. And they can do it free—not a penny out of their pocket. The best news: both versions of their book, digital or bound, will (or can) be marketed (again, at no charge) worldwide in days or weeks.

 There are seven key publishing houses in the U.S. now accepting book submissions, printing the books, and selling them through the best distributors. (Incidentally, I’m in no way affiliated with any of them.) I wrote a step-by-step guidebook that shows how to best use any or all of the seven. I’ll tell them on your radio the five key steps that make that book prep and publication possible.

 I know it sounds like a con. I’ve been a niche publisher since 1982, plus I have 39 of my own books and 1,700+ articles in print—and I laughed at the concept for about a year, until I saw lots of dumber folks doing exactly what I just said! (It didn’t matter much what kind of book either: novel, cookbook, nonfiction, poetry, memoir or family tree, travel journal, wedding or graduation books…) 

So I decided to rev up my newspaper skills and check it out. My new book, How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days [not linked in the e-mail], is the result.

 Since I’ve given 2,000 paid speaking programs (most about publishing and empire building), it seemed particularly sensible (and fun) to share this topic on the radio, free of course. Hence this email. I’d like to send you a free copy of the book too. (It can be yours in about a minute.)

If my sharing this topic on your show interests you, may I link you to www.gordonburgett.com/nlexample.htm for the details and a free copy of the book? [Newsletter readers: see an example of that slightly altered link below.]

Even if book writing, then almost instant publishing, is not right for your listeners (my heart!), why not look at the book I want to send you anyway? We need to hear your message in print too, so your fans can read it (for pay!) almost forever.

We should probably let them in on the good news too!

Thanks. I hope to hear from you. Let’s get booked!

Gordon Burgett       


A postcard I will test in about week…

[This postcard will be standard size, four color on the front and back, coated stock, cleanly labeled, and in  500 zip-code selected hands about 7/19.]

To more or less retain the same format, please link to the slightly modified example at www.gordonburgett.com/APpostcard.pdf


And the back-up link that takes the scare off the radio producer or host…

[This is the link copy—here referred to as www.gordonburgett.com/nlexample.htm—where the producer/host is sent in both the e-mail and the postcard. It should provide the in-depth support that makes the topic acceptable and me, desirable. If it doesn’t work, well, I tried. Yes, there are 610 things I could have done differently, but these are the facts, in my voice, and maybe they will help improve one or many listeners’ lives. If not, I’ll probably be writing the next newsletter when I might have been speaking on the air!]

Who is this 


Will he have your listeners shouting praise to your management about your

astute booking acumen?


Hello, I’m him, Gordon Burgett, not some webtext writing employee who thinks radios disappeared with “The Shadow” or only announce corn futures and traffic snarls!

Should we add me to your program schedule so we can share new, life-changing information with your listeners, like how they can write a book and get it published free in minutes and marketed worldwide in days?

On air, I promise to be truthful, articulate, witty, seasoned, charming, and very modest.

You need to know more? Will any of this help?

(1) Publishing books free? In minutes? I know that sounds like a con—particularly to a guy (me) who previously wrote 38 published books and also published about 100 more books through my own company. In fact, it took me a year after I heard about the “free publishing” to stop laughing and seriously look into it. Imagine how dumb I felt when I found out it was actually true! It’s the real thing, and it hardly matters whether the listener wants to write a novel, poetry, a memoir, a cookbook, or a kids’ book, it can be out in record time, look first rate, and sell almost anywhere. I will quickly explain “the printing revolution,” give the listeners the five easy keys so they can take part right away, and, of course, answer any questions they or you have.

(2) Why would they even want to write or have a book in print? Fame, maybe fortune, to broadcast their expertise, to stand out in the crowd, to share something special with others, to be remembered in the family for generations, to change the world, because they fear they will die without having done anything “unique,” to get promoted, to enhance their career, or a dozen other reasons, some really bizarre. 

(3) How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days is just out in paperback and is available almost everywhere except in brick-and-mortar bookstores (where it’s just arriving). I want you to have a copy, so if you would link to a special order form at http://www.gordonburgett.com/.....htm (and then type in NOCOPY in the discount coupon) for your own free digital copy (it is exactly the same as the bound version). It will download almost immediately. No charge whatsoever—a gift from me to you, whether or not I’m a fit for your show.

(4) My landing page at www.mybookpublishedinminutes.com explains the core of the new publishing revolution. It’s said that 40% of the adults think they can write a book—and (my guess) probably 90% wouldn’t know what to do with it if they did! (My book provides the answer!)

(5) I’m not somehow linked to the process or the publishers that I mention. I will benefit only if your listeners buy my book, and if I can give the title once and we do it again at the end, with the #800 number or web link, that’s it. Nor will I leave anything out so they have to buy the tome. (It’s just a whole lot easier for them if they use my step-by-step deciphering guide!)

(6) Have I ever been on the radio before? At least 75 times, maybe 100, ranging from KGO thrice in San Francisco to a 6 a.m. Sunday special—live!—somewhere near Bakersfield, probably heard by six cow milkers (and cows). But I have given 2000+ paid spoken presentations, most of them four-hour seminars, and most of those about publishing and article writing. So I is articulate. (See www.gordonburgett.com/seminars.htm for the programs scheduled in August-October.) 

(7) Here’s a bio (www.gordonburgett.com/gbbio3.htm) that shows that I’ve been a professional speaker, writer, and publisher just about forever, or at least since “The Shadow.”  

(8) I found that many radio show hosts appreciate a list of 10 or so “starter” questions. Since I’ll be up-dating (or up-tuning) my list as I continue to do the radio shows, please let me e-mail the most recent list when we book.

(9) Personally, I’d want to look at the guest’s website just to see if he/she is a player. My two most used websites are www.gordonburgett.com and .www.ancillarypublishing.com

(10) Surely there is something that I’ve excluded or forgotten. Please ask. If I’m the right guest, great. If not, please use my book and get in print free and fast. It works. We need to hear what you have to say too—in print, for the ages.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett


In the meantime…

I hope to be busy twice a day doing radio from later July through September. I’ll let you know if the items above work.

If you’re in northern California, I’ve also scheduled 11 programs (mostly four-hour seminars) about writing and publishing in August to October. Here’s the schedule. Hope to see you there—or that you’ll tell a struggling, unpublished relative or friend!

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

Communication Unlimited

P.O. Box 845
Novato, CA