I was on my way to pick a great house for you when I stumbled into a castle...

I was going to recommend an e-book I thought you'd be particularly benefit from and I got to reading an even better one, by Kim Stacey, in which she lays out an excellent plan by which you can move sensibly from the old article/bound book publishing structure (in which I and thousands more have dwelt for many lucrative years) into the new web marketing format that uses the same core skills but helps you earn a lot more money. The cincher was the price (in an area where three-digit book prices lurk), just $29...

It's called "Internet Marketing for Writers: A Writer's Guide to Writing and Selling Simple Information Online." I'll let Kim explain what it contains.

Why do I recommend it? Moving up financially from the old writing/publishing format is a confusing transition with many new levers to pull, and almost all that I've read has been too complex, too needlessly scary, and often far too expensive for niche publishers and empire builders who are still (properly) pursuing traditional writing and selling meansóbut have to move on.

In a minute I suggest you read this link and get Kim's book.

Then hurry back and also buy the best $19 deal around. It's called "Writing E-Books for Fun and Profit," by Conrad Hall, and it's the key how-to tool to making the above transition happen quickly and profitably. Every question answered, easily and honestly. Why write one book and sell it poorly through bookstores when you can write five (the same combined length as book #1) and charge more per book than #1 while selling only to folks who have come to you to buy?

Again, the best explanation of the e-book-related contents are found here. Buy them both. Together, they can change your publishing life. They are the emperor's clothes!

(A parting laugh. You can imagine my amazement when I was reading Kim's book and I ran across my own name as an expert, with an exercise that I use in my seminars! Seems she not only was a pleased attendee, she actually remembered something I said! That's like somebody unknowingly stuffing a bucket of kisses into your pocket! That's not why I recommend the book, but it does speak strongly of her good taste and inadvertent kindness!)

See you at the next newsletter, about July 1.

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