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If I had to choose one thing that made me the most money and brought me the most fun in my long writing-speaking career, it would be giving seminars, workshops, and breakout sessions.

So I want to help you explore that field easily, systematically, and with all the tools and hard-learned knowledge that I have successfully used (and still use). It made me a reliable $75,000 average income for 20+ years (lots of those years were in six figures)--and that was just the core from which I could also sell products, consulting, keynoting, publishing, and much more.

"How to Set Up and Market Your Own Seminar" is an all-in-one how-to tool kit, full of steps and examples. The explanation page that follows provides the details about this program that can be yours for a price less than you will earn from one or two registrants at your first presentation! Best yet, it's available for 30 days in a pre-sale just for you, my newsletterfolk. (Use the coupon code 4313 when you order before June 18 to deduct an immediate $10.)

What makes this three-part program exceptionally useful is that not only will you receive my popular four-hour seminar by that title (on three audio CDs) to hear in your car, iPod, or your office computer, its complete 16-section, 28-page workbook is on a fourth (text) disc and is fully downloadable. What's in the workbook? Supplemental information about giving seminars on your own, through colleges, and to business and associations; descriptions; budget guidelines; promotion; flyer creation; news releases; what topics work; what you need to do in what order to get going and prospering.

The third part of the program is a bonus downloadable spoken text summary that tells you what I am saying in what order, a sort of cheat sheet that will help you review before and after your hear the discs. It will also help you jump to areas you may want to hear again.

A final thought: You can fairly easily double my income right from the outset. You see, I spoke about 90% of the time in the lowest-paying area of the seminar-giving world. That was my choice, somewhat dictated by the topics I shared, but there are many other more lucrative choices too, as I'll show you.

I hope this knowledge and the organizational steps give you as much satisfaction, joy, and peace of mind as they have continually brought me.


Best wishes,

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