The purpose of this 12-page booklet is to show you what goes on each page by actually printing a mock booklet as if it comes from a publisher eager to sell you on niche publishing! This is a do-as-it-is model where you take your topic, insert it into the layout, and you are ready to go literally in a day.


What follows here are the first three pages, unformatted. In the sample booklet it is formatted in booklet size, ready to go (if you’re a publisher!)


It’s simple from here on:





If you think this sample booklet will help you create a good marketing product, just punch the order button above, and for $2.99 you are on the path to big (or little, booklet-sized) fame and wealth. These are particularly useful and potentially profitable if you are a professional speaker. They are super handouts and the sponsor will often pay for the printing!


I hope the concept and model helps!


Best wishes,


Gordon Burgett






Do you want to





Niche publishing is a high-profit, low-risk, barely tapped river of gold …



Gordon Burgett

Copyright © 20__ by Gordon Burgett






Printer’s logo

or visual or text






To be used as the printer wishes,

or left blank.



EXAMPLE of what might

appear on the inside

front or back cover


We may be your ideal printer!


This is where the printer makes their case. The readers are primarily book-oriented, so that’s the place to focus. They will want to know about book lengths and sizes, quantities, the method of printing, turnover time, camera-ready vs digital download for text and cover submissions: the usual questions… Print P.O.D.? A sample price list at various quantities is another plus.


They will also be interested in whether you produce other printed items they will need, like fliers.


And extended products like booklets, reports, newsletters…


If you are listed in Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual, since I mention it, you might well refer to that—or contact Dan to get on his website list right away; the fastest way is at


You write this page. We’ll gladly look at the writing or even help rewrite it—in your style. Here’s where you convince them that you are the printer for their niche—or any—coming book.



Here’s the booklet’s first page… 

So you want to make





It’s doable, but if you want to make a bundle with very little risk, this time you’ll have to forgo poetry, kids’ books, and most of the rest of your ideas and follow a path that forces you to think small to earn big.

The idea has been around for a long time but it had to wait for the technology to catch up. The good news: the technology is here!

The process is called niche publishing. A niche is a recess or hollow in a wall, but it has come to mean a place or a position for a specific species or organism, and from there the group in that space.

For example, people are not a niche, but Dutchman are, and blue-eyed Dutch men are a tighter niche; even tighter would be those with six fingers or red hair.

So when you publish to a niche market your buyers have unique characteristics that distinguish them from other buyers.

You will sell to what they share in common. If they are Chicago Cubs fans, they will buy to know more about the Cubs. If chocolate lovers, chocolate. You get it.

Until recently, it cost too much to write and publish to a group of less than several thousand, unless they would pay BIG bucks. But the computer came to your and their rescue. The rest of this booklet will explain how you can turn that good fortune into your own.