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The idea is more honest money in your pocket for less work.


So please let me suggest two products that I wish had been around when I needed them, plus a short book that’s just flat-out fun and might convince your friends you’re a party genius. But it has nothing to do with writing, speaking, or publishing at all.




Some necessary starter thoughts that link the first two products.


You know something very well, or could. Maybe many things. You have information to sell. The question is how you convert that into much more income by helping others improve their lives.


Most of us grew up in this business thinking IDEA=ARTICLE=BOOK, and I add =EMPIRE. But until now that’s been slow, risky, and too often embarrassingly low paying, even if you could tie in speaking and physical products.


Then came e-zines, online marketing, digital downloads, and billion-dollar schemes—and lots and lots of hype. Yet it clearly works for some and is an obvious way to share your unique knowledge widely, quickly, and often interconnectedly. But it’s deceivingly hard to do and you don’t know who to listen to or believe for guidance.


I have feet in both camps. I’ve made a lot of money on the “old fashioned” writing and selling side, with 38 books; 1,700 printed, paid articles, and 2,000+ paid speaking presentations. The “old” camp is still a vital world, a safe haven that won’t go away—but it’s harder now, slower, and eroding.


You know that I’m reasonably new to the online marketing field because you’ve been with me about a year through this free newsletter. Still, I’ve bootcamped with and studied the masters, and 40+ years of publishing experience pays off in at least one way: I can tell the guys who tell the truth and walk the talk in their products.


So that’s why I think the first two products are really critical if you’re thinking of stepping across the divide. (It’s really a marketing gap because if what you sell isn’t legit, clear, and applicable, you won’t go anywhere long term on either side.) 






The two people I most believe because I see their income and success on display (and I’ve read most of what they’ve written) are Bob Bly and Fred Gleeck. They are honest and I think they have the information that those of us need who are eager to get going in Internet marketing.


What are the odds? Together, they produced an excellent CD program called Creating Information Products That Sell Online.” It’s the best $77 you’ll spend. (Oddly, the cost is 1% of the ballpark goal they set for us to earn each week: $7,700.) Let’s let Bob give you the details at, then you decide.






Another Bly creation (this time with Nick C. Xifaras) that addresses the backbone of Internet marketing is an updated, 249-page gem called “Ready-Made E-Zines.”


His sales headline? “Make $1,000 a day giving away a FREE e-newsletter—with NO time or money invested in research, writing, or graphic design!”


Blah, blah, I said to myself. But that’s $7,000 a week, and since almost all of your core buying contacts start with your e-zine, I got a copy and found the formula in the first 29 pages, plus short, pre-written items you can insert in your e-newsletter in the rest of the book. For $39, the process was what I needed—I’ll talk a bit about how and why I do it somewhat differently in my next newsletter.


Bly’s points that made me a believer: the Agora model, the opt-in e-list info, the “Ready-Fire-Aim” philosophy, the five-phase system (most never get out of phase one; this book can be the cure and propellant), how to get others’ e-mail addresses, how to spend two hours a month creating your e-zine, the format formula, and the 47 sources that keep your e-zine lively and read.


Again, here is where Bob explains what works—quickly and dependably. And since you are bright and know things that others want to know more about (or should), why not click to to find out more about a way to get paid while verifying your expertise, so you can afford your dreams.






The unrelated, fun book comes from the quirky way that I paid my bills at the U. of Illinois. It’s called Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create, and Give Them--and how to plan a super party around them. (I planned hunts for fraternities and sororities, a couple a week.) About 25 years later I set aside three weeks to write what, somewhat embarrassingly, has turned out to be my longest-selling book, a blessed sinecure that I just updated and made much easier to read as a digital download (at a lower price too: $15 total). This updated edition has been out for one week, with two wee bonuses literally added on. The fun details are at Become the neighborhood, church, company, or social genius. Magic enclosed.


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