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How to Get Your Own

Niche Articles in Print

75% of the Time

in Magazines, Newsletters,

Newspapers, and Journals


What more do you need to know? Except that it costs $5 and is downloaded seconds after you order it!

Here’s how Gordon’s 30-page $5 ebook starts:

“Repeatedly and reliably placing your niche articles in magazines, newsletters, newsletters, and journals is flat-out gilded, an almost perfect way to get publicity that validates your expertise and sells your niche product(s).


“In fact, articles may be the very best business cards to show what you know and how well you can articulate it. Put that and your name in front of the right people often enough and you’ve got cashable results without spending thousands of dollars on promotion. That presumes, of course, that what you write is well crafted, interesting, honest, and does what you implied to the editor to get it on those pages to begin with! So let’s begin with some bedrock premises:


* At the risk of redundancy (though it can’t be repeated too often), what you send the editor is well crafted, interesting, and honest;


* The article more than fulfills the promises you made in the query letter;


* It arrives on time and in the format the editor expects (like a digital download, a snail-mailed and printed manuscript, or both), and


* It includes a bio slug like those used in other, similar articles on that editor’s pages—and a link or two back to your website or a specific page, if the editor permits it.


“If you do that, and the writing is sharp and grammatically correct, you can expect to sell far more than 75% of what you submit. You can even sell 200 or 500%. It’s done all the time.


“The Not-So-Secret Formula


“If you want to sell almost everything you submit, just stick to these guidelines: …



This step-by-step how-to secret only costs $5? What’s the trick?

None. It’s part of Gordon’s


Empire Builders Action Series


This ebook is a proud member of the www.ebookfor5bucks.com series.

(Also see the http://www.ebookfor10bucks.com/ and www.audioebookfor10bucks.com series.)


In fact, the complete listing of all Burgett ebooks, bound books, and seminar product series is found at www.gordonburgett.com/order3.htm. The list includes Gordon’s manuscript review service, consulting, coaching, speaking, his special products (including a novel), and all of the E.C.U. (Education Communication Unlimited) products, his niche publishing imprint.




Enough promotion. You don’t want to spend hours making a $5 life-changing decision.

So what else does Burgett share for a half a sawbuck (it’s really a fin)?

the not-so-secret formula

why editors love niche articles

space, query letters,  contents, promises you must make

an example you simply can match

why nobody settles for just a 75% selling ratio

selling strategy and a feasibility study

the four formats you select from

photos, copyright, reprints

the exact procedure professionals follow

a model “Permission to Use” form

much more, way more than $5 or $25 worth


How to Get Your Own

Niche Article in Print

75% of the Time

in Magazines, Newsletters,

Newspapers, and Journals

The title says it all.


100% guaranteed  

Everything of ours that we sell is guaranteed. If it doesn’t do what it says, just mail it back and we’ll send you a refund. (All of our products always have the same guarantee. Return rate? Way under 1%.)      

What’s the catch?  

There is none. But you might wonder how Gordon knows this stuff. He’s spent most of his adult years teaching others how to put their words in print, while he did the same thing, publishing 1,700+ freelance articles and 39 books. One was also published by Writer’s Digest and three more were their book club’s top choices!