Emceeing, Show Planning, and Script Writing




So you want to be an emcee (or MC)!


Are others asking you to be the announcer, or plan their show, or write their script? Not sure where to start … or how to finish? There are no “right” answers here. If there are 100 programs to run or scripts to write, there may be 200 ways to do them well!


The best way to do any of this is to initially watch lots of others, then steal or imitate where needed, and just keep at it until you pop out, excellent—or you flee fast…


I’m Gordon Burgett. Mostly I taught school and worked with CARE and the Peace Corps while I was learning to sell my writing. But along the way I gave 2000+ paid talks and sold 1700+ freelance articles and had 43 books published. I’m not bragging. I’m old and I had to do something in all that time.


But I also emceed 100 times plus, and that was always fun. And lately I’ve written a lot of shows and scripts, and when you put them together, that’s the most fun of all.


Except that others, bless them, always bugged me when I was my busiest: “How do you do this? What do you say when… ?” So in the last couple of years I wrote down some guidelines and pointers, and added in some finished scripts, and it’s now yours for the mind-staggering sum of $4.95. It’s digital too, which means that you order and the ebook pops into your computer in 10 seconds. You can read it on your computer (or order and read it on a reader from Kindle or Nook or even your iPad).


You can also make your own copy on your printer. Then just extract anything that will help you emcee better, or plan a show faster, or complete a script that will rattle your friends’ teeth.


Here are the six sections in the ebook:


* Emceeing or show planning: What to remember when prepping a one-hour presentation


* How to write a script that works!


* Script for a Fourth of July county fair…


* One way to write a script for your club or singing group


* Emceeing: a full script for a two-hour show


* Emceeing: the thinking behind writing of the 11/4 two-hour show script


If these guidelines, tips, and actual scripts look like something you need, or want, just push this order link and it’s yours. (Or order directly from Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords!)


I hope it helps. Getting directly involved is the most fun of all.


Best wishes,


Gordon Burgett