The Kid in Purple Pants:


Structured Approaches to Educating

Underprivileged Students



Patrick Anderson’s new book explains how to infuse economically disadvantaged students with success, self-pride, determination, and responsibility while also meeting the academic needs that all people must have to do great things.



Being the poor kid in school with one pair of pants is an uphill fight. This book is the true, first-hand account of what life is really like for a kid who comes to school self-conscious, tired, confused, hungry, and his only pants are purple!


The author, Patrick Anderson, is now a superintendent in Illinois.


“We must create an approach to educating all our students that guarantees that whatever their financial or emotional state they can make their way

through our public education system with a yearning to achieve and be whatever they choose.”


On these pages Anderson offers a best-method, how-to solution. The Kid in Purple Pants: Structured Approaches to Educating Underprivileged Students is immediately applicable for any teacher, principal, superintendent, or board member. It tells what it takes to meet the needs of those underprivileged students who either never reach their full potential or simply vanish in today's educational system.


“We must be their advocates, particularly those who have no clue what they are capable of becoming or how to even get started.”




Table of Contents


Chapter 1 . The Kid in Purple Pants

Chapter 2.  How Do You Forget You're Poor?

Chapter 3.  Are Poor Kids Different?

Chapter 4.  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Not Just for College Freshmen Anymore

Chapter 5.  Knowing What They Need: Social Emotional Learning and Character Education

Chapter 6.  Time for Academics

Chapter 7.  Changing the Way We Think about Education

Chapter 8.  Leaving Nothing to Chance


What others are saying:


"Pat Anderson is not only an outstanding educator, he is also a tremendous author that can tell a story and move the reader to action, all at the same time. His book, The Kid in Purple Pants, comes from his life and passion, and clearly defines the need and the way to change how we educate kids living in poverty. It's a superb how-to book with a heart. A must read for every teacher and administrator."


  Jim Burgett, Illinois Superintendent of the Year and author of Teachers Change Lives 24/7


"Patrick Anderson's The Kid in Purple Pants will motivate you to do something now to improve teaching and learning at your school, and it may just change everything you've believed about yourself as an educator."


Dr. Alison Reeves, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


"Great read for an administrator looking to decrease the impact of poverty-risk-factors on academic achievement and to increase all student achievement."


Steve Amizich, Retired Superintendent


"As a long time friend and colleague of Pat Anderson, this book takes a riveting look at poverty and its effect on children within the educational process. Readers will enjoy the heart-warming story and can take note of the passion and drive exhibited by Pat. As a current school superintendent, Pat Anderson exhibits the knowledge, skill, passion and compassion necessary to make sure that every student in his district has the opportunity to succeed despite any shortcomings. This book is a must-read for educators struggling with the issue of providing educational programs and how they can be successful with students coming from poverty backgrounds. Regardless of your position, this book illustrates the road to academic success for all students, anywhere."


Dr. William Phillips, Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Springfield 






The Kid in Purple Pants:

Educating Underprivileged Students


Patrick Anderson