Administrators and Teachers:

Getting Profitably in Print 75% of the Time




Why would school administrators and teachers write articles and books unless they had at least a 75% probability of getting their words profitably in print?

In fact, professional writers expect to do that almost every time they write, and to know that before they even do the research, interviewing, or whatever is needed to create the valuable text that others want and need.

So why donít we have a professional writer (as well as a publisher with 35 years of experience) simply explain the process, step by step, that puts superintendents, principals, teachers, and other education leaders on the profitable, winning path from the outset?

Thatís the purpose of Gordon Burgettís Administrators and Teachers: Getting Profitably in Print 75% of the Time. Itís a no-nonsense godsend for article writing for magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and journals or for books written for their education colleagues (or any other niche market).

How can we believe the author sharing this ďinsideĒ process? Gordon has 38 published books and 1,700+ articles in print, the most recent being the industry standard, Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time. He recently also wrote Writerís Digestís Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles.

As important, he is the editor and publisher of six popular education books: The School Principalís Toolbook, The Art of School Boarding, What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know, The Perfect School, Teachers Change Lives 24/7, and Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education: Balancing Best Practices and the Law.

A how-to success guide for writing and publishing in the education field sounds like a teacher and administratorís dream!

Now available in PAPERBACK for $15 and as an EBOOK for $10!



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