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Professional writers don’t just write one article or one book and not sell and resell their contents over and over. There’s no magic to the doing, but a few of the key details (like querying and photo submission) can be bewildering until you’ve done it once or twice. The author has done it probably 800 times so on this 32-page guide he tells you the process, plus he includes four sample query and cover letters that worked for him.


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Double Your Income with a More Expansive Newspaper and Magazine Strategy



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Let me share some thoughts about how we can sell more of our precious words and ideas to reuse editors (even first-use editors) by planning extra spin-off sales before and as we query, which in turn helps us capture more salable facts and get better interviews from the beginning and as we jump from deadline to deadline along the way.

By laying out a wide-eyed, long-tail strategy at the outset, and being attuned to more ways we can reuse what we gather, read, and hear, we might triple our income with only about twice as much work—and sometimes without much more work at all. It’s not magic, just smarts—and taking advantage of having begun with a wider selling vision, then using a wider net. 

Despite the fact that editors are buying less and paying less too, we can keep the advantage our way by focusing on topics with legs, then helping some of our gathered information find its way to the reprint and rewrite editors who are still around waiting to buy up seconds. That can help us stay a bit further ahead of the bill collector, keep more Franklins in our purse/pocket, and even add a few more days to our well-deserved vacations.

We all know about reprints, but I’ve made more money and spent less time on the lesser path of creating rewrites, then later putting those items out for sale as reprints too. And I’ve pulled in a surprising amount of rather fast cash by actively asking about, then providing “sidebars” (or “boxes”), especially in travel. And sometimes those have led to requests for (or questions about) fresh articles about the topics unearthed in the sidebars themselves!

Focusing on the possibility of reprints and rewrites up front puts our mind in a different frameset. I see it most when I’m interviewing. I find myself digging deeper mostly by telling the quote-giver that I see two solid articles coming from our talks, “x” for sure, and “y” very likely. If they are receptive, it opens up my range of questions and makes the interviewee less anxious about the time we are spending together.  Do that several times and even the dullest reporter will stumble on some nugget of salable copy that’s begging to be shared (better said, sold) in print somewhere!






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Who wrote this book? 

Gordon Burgett is a veteran writer/publisher with 46 of his own books in print. Even better, Gordon’s been a prolific speaker, mostly about freelance writing and publishing, to more than 2,000 paid audiences. He’s just like this book: fun, to-the-point, and easy to follow.


Burgett’s most recent book, How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Published Worldwide in Days, provides the how-to of the process that lets you produce your own fast and free graduation book. Three of his other best selling books have been about writing  and publishing too: How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing, the Travel Writer’s Guide, and his much acclaimed Niche Publishing: Publishing Profitably Every Time!




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