TESTIMONIALS for the Great Second Life Book

From James A. Cox, Small Press Bookwatch and The Midwest Book Review, in February, 2004:

"How to Plan a Great Second Life...is an innovative guidebook to planning out and taking full advantage of all the years of one's life, including the post-retirement and elder years. From the importance of keeping up physical and mental health; to writing out ideas, listing goals and devising a system to achieve them; and enhanced with some 200 activities and a variety of consumable worksheets designed to put the readers in touch with their long-term needs and desires, (the book) is confidently recommended for anyone who counts on making the most of their years past the age of retirement."

Living Longer, Living Better


Reviewed on Amazon.com by Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual (www.parapublishing.com) from Santa Barbara, CA USA (January , 2001):

Retiring only lets you stop what you are doing; retiring is being unemployed. Turning 65 is not the goal; it is an opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do. Reminding us that people are living far longer than they used to, Burgett helps us plan for the future.


Utilizing lists, forms and worksheets, Burgett helps us assess our assets and liabilities. He asks us to take stock of our money, skills, things, health and friends. He shows us how to design a future to fit our individualized situation. Then he describes how to implement the plan. Now if he could just guarantee me another 30 years. . . :)


Gordon Burgett is the author of 18 books and more than 1,600 magazine articles. Through his writing and speaking, he has spent (the first half of) a lifetime helping others. As a publisher, author of 113 books (including revisions and foreign-language editions) and over 500 magazine articles with some 40 years in the business, I find this guide to be just what I need at this time in my life.

Full of practical steps and suggestions...

Reviewed on Amazon.com by C.E. Zoerner, Jr., Ph.D., author of Racing the Ice to Cape Horn, the incredible account of Frank Guernsey's epic lone voyage aboard a 24-foot sailboat (Bristol Fashion Publications, 1999) from Manhattan Beach, CA (December 27, 1999):

I first met Gordon Burgett when he was an administrator in the Cal State University system when he was extricating himself from the bureaucracy. He was about 40, a husband and father, and determined to changes careers. I thought he was truly brave, ready to turn his back on a comfortable salary and a great retirement program to lecture and publish on his own.

He made his move. It was scary to behold, but stimulating, too. Burgett's inspiration later prompted me to start my own new career as a successful writer.

How to Create Your Own Super Second Life is Gordon Burgett. Follow this manual—packed with practical steps and suggestions—into the most satisfying time of your life, the precious years after "retirement."


Easy to use, thought-provoking, very enjoyable

Reviewed on Amazon.com by Barb Mintzer, internationally-recognized award winning speaker on "Creating Tomorrow's Opportunities Out of Today's Changes" from Santa Barbara, CA (December 22, 1999):

I saw myself in How to Create Your Own Super Second Life so clearly. I am in the Second Tier: 55+, and I am dealing with many of the issues (the book) discuss(es). I enjoyed the quotes scat-tered throughout the book and (Burgett’s) irreverent sense of humor in describing some of the facts and fiction about aging.

I found the exercises very useful. The super second life dream list was particularly poignant for me as I realized how long I have let my dreams stay inside without being realized. I am just now, at 57, starting to let go of the "shoulds" and am looking at the "wants" that I have put on the shelf for another time.

I also found the Money Worksheet very helpful in focusing in on how much I have and what I need to retire. I realized I had more than I thought, and that the things I would like to do in re-tirement do not cost that much.

To sum it up, I found the book thought-provoking, easy-to-read, and a very good primer in giving myself permission to have a super second life, with the tools to make that happen. The personal, conversational tone of the book made it very enjoyable to read.


Article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, by Kay Harvey, Staff Writer (1/5/2000)

The Road to Self-Discovery

Would you like to reinvent yourself but don't know where to begin?

Now, there's a workbook to help you figure out what you really want in the rest of your life and how to make it happen.

How to Create Your Own Super Second Life: What Are You Going to Do With Your Extra 30 Years? is designed to give readers tools to identify their dreams and figure out how to turn them into reality.

Author Gordon Burgett, a California freelance writer, derives the book's subtitle from statistics. Average life expectancy, which was 48 years at the turn of the last century, now is 78.

"Knowing that is itself valuable, but I go a step further and say why not plan for those 30 years and make them work?" says the 61-year-old author.

In Burgett's perception, people at midlife now tend to latch onto one of three views of where to go from here:

* No view at all; let fate be the guide.
* A quest to prolong youth, which could work for a while.
* A vision of self in the driver's seat on a road headed for adventure.

The author makes a good case for the latter, then assists the reader in assessing what he or she has today. The next step is deciding what to take on the next journey and what to leave behind.

Answering this question is designed to jump-start the planning process: “If you had all the money, time and energy you needed and were free from outside constraints, what would you do in your extra 30 years?"

The book then walks readers through such steps as compiling a dream list, putting dreams to a commitment test and sorting them by priority and time frame. Couples are urged to figure out what dreams they do and don't have in common and how to proceed from there. Twenty eight work sheets and forms provide a detailed structure for the process. The last two steps are factoring in financial resources and creating an action plan.

The book also lists 200 activities (they include classes, new careers, volunteer work and creative pursuits) to consider when planning a second life.

''You're going to live the extra years, anyway," Burgett says. "Why not fill them with joy, fun and purpose?" Alas, he maintains, it won't just happen on its own.

Kay Harvey, Staff Writer, Saint Paul Pioneer Press



TESTIMONIALS for the Super Second Life Speech

Dear Mr. Burgett:

This is a short note to tell you how much we valued your presentation “Life After Dentistry” at our recent annual meeting in San Francisco. “Life After Dentistry” was a timely, stimulating, organized, and well presented course. It provided practical information of keen interest tour membership. Very impressive! You were outstanding!

Stephen A. Ralls, DDS, EdD, MSD

Executive Director, American College of Dentists



I want to tell you how very pleased we were with your presentation to our National Convention in September. YOU WERE TERRIFIC!!! Just this week I have had the opportunity--finally--to review  the critique of our convention. You would be pleased to learn that, overall, we now believe that the idea of bringing in professional speakers for specific workshop presentations was a superb idea. (You will recall that this was a new approach for us as opposed to the general world-view programs we usually do.) There is no question but that your presentation was one of the key reasons why we believe workshops have a place in our future planning. Specific comments pertaining to your session emphasized your "positive approach" and a "vision for future."

On a personal basis, I want to say that you were a most cooperative speaker to work with and you delivered what you promised. I'm now a Gordon Burgett booster. Thanks again--I know that you had to adapt your usual presentation for our audience and we appreciate that. I look forward to our paths crossing in the future.

Jim McDonnell, Air Force Academy




Gordon Burgett


(800) 563-1454