In the Appendix of How to Plan a Great Second Life: Why not live fully every day of your extra 30 years? we offer 200 ideas you might consider for your dream list. Those follow your list below.

Your list of ideas comes from both ideas you have sent me or you suggested at a "Super Second Life" seminar or workshop I recently offered. Below are those that are fit to print and make sense (at least to us). Thanks, in advance, for adding to (and surely improving) our modest offerings!

Your list first:

lose weight
build a consulting firm
live in Europe for one year
play saxophone with a band
take painting lessons
get a facelift
play adult competitive sports
go to the gym three times a week
sing and dance
find the right relationship
become a published writer
learn to sketch
study physical therapy
learn TV photography
nurture my grandchild
take four trips to Europe
help at the Special Olympics
learn to dream
join the Peace Corps
help Habitat for Humanity
help in youth development programs
do home repairs for the needy
enter open water swim races
hike the Pacific Crest Trail
(bi)cycle across the U.S.
ski the John Muir Trail
learn Spanish
volunteer to care for animals
learn to parachute, then do it
visit Paris
become a court-appointed child advocate
inform others about health insurance options for disabled kids
kayak the intercoastal waterways
take a trip a year
be free to travel with my grandkids
fly a dirigible
take part in an archeological dig
go to Spain and play flamenco guitar
build a cabin in the mountains
cycle in each country in Europe
write poetry
write the history of a particular piece of property
earn a knighthood (Bobby Knighthood?)
be able to compete with my son when he is 18
do some open-ended solo travel
visit the Alps
learn photography
organize your photos in a scrapbook
scuba dive with white sharks
take art classes
take part in a film creation
take a trip to the Galapagos
visit all 50 states
take junior college courses and attend their seminars
die with no regrets
write and publish for money
get my life in sync with nature
learn upholstery
sail to the South Pacific
join a musical theater group
join  a weaving class or group
sleep in
become a storyteller
start a litter abatement program
take a world tour
develop a line of greeting cards
start a house-arranging business
study creative writing
write science fiction
become a courier for the CIA
usher at the opera
rent a house in Tuscany
hike in Tibet
work summers in Williamsburg
become an NFL referee
change careers

Now our list:

act as a liaison for a CARE Adopt a School Program
adopt a pet
assist at a homeless shelter
assist the choir director or pianist/organist at church
be a site facilitator for the Special Olympics
be the radio-TV liaison for non-profit groups
become a baseball umpire
become a clown
become a commissioned fingerprint specialist
become a court watcher
become a crossing guard
become a history docent of the town for the schools
become a legal assistant specialist
become a liaison between senior groups and local educational programs
become a lifeguard
become a local charity fund-raiser
become a mime
become a notary public
become a private investigator
become a swimming/diving instructor
become a visiting school
grandma or grandpa
become an ombunsdperson for the library, city, or local services
become an oral historian for city archives
become an usher: theater, concerts, sports events
become proficient at wine tasting
become the city site photographer for historical preservation
can food and share it with others in need
catalog the local flora and/or fauna
chaperone kids or pre-teens to museums
chaperone kids or pre-teens to sports events
chaperone youth on church missionary programs
coach for youth leagues
compete in senior Olympics programs
convert your family photos to digital
create a family newsletter
create a guide to city or county festivals or activities
create a guide to city or county recreational facilities
create a local cycling map
create a map of city or county beauty routes (with mile markers)
create a map of city or county bridal paths (with mile markers)
create a map of city or county hiking paths (with mile markers)
create a map of city or county running paths (with mile markers)
create a paid proofreading service
create a website for your city or library
create a written family genealogy
create an historical guide to city or county buildings and sites
create an historical guide to past city or county festivals or activities
create and hold a treasure hunt for your family or local groups
create computer support for city and county boards or groups
create your own website
cycle your age (miles or kilometers)
deliver meals to shut-ins (Meals on Wheels programs)
develop a home medical transcription service
direct the church choir
do extra-hand work for your church, like painting and carpentering
drive a bus for a local transport company
drive the school bus
fix old bicycles to donate to youth programs
focus on and effectuate one specific act of city beautification
form a musical group: band, quartet, etc.
form a senior writer
s group
gather crop surpluses for use at welfare feeding programs
gather used instruments for schools or youth groups
get and care for a horse
handle public relations for non-profit groups
help at day care during church services
help at local swim meets (records/timing)
help at local track meets (records/timing)
help at local youth league competitions (records/timing, etc.)
help at other local athletic events, like triathlons, marathons, runs
help candidates running for office
help design and plant a city flower bed
help prepare meals for welfare programs
help seniors install their computers
help supervise playground and school recess
help teach a foreign language at school
help the Braille Institute
help the poor or elderly file legal papers
help the poor or elderly prepare tax forms
help transfer written records to digital form
help your minister with home visitations
host a senior
s radio/TV program
join a barbershop quartet
join a drumming group
learn a new trade
learn and master Aikido
learn and master belly dancing
learn and master calligraphy
learn and master handwriting analysis
learn and master line dancing
learn and master listening
learn and master meditation
learn and master papermaking
learn and master T
ai Chi
learn and master yoga
learn and practice sustainable gardening
learn and practice time management
learn bookkeeping and offer your skills to non-profit groups
learn estate planning
learn fresh water kayaking
learn landscape drawing
learn Latin dance, like Salsa and Meringue
learn or play a musical instrument
learn photography
learn self-defense
learn self-hypnosis / autosuggestion
learn to build instruments
learn to build your own stock portfolio
learn to converse with your spouse
learn to knit
learn to paint
learn to play the guitar
learn to produce booklets to share your family writings with kin/local library
learn to put folk songs to a musical score
learn to repair household appliances
learn to repair instruments
learn to sculpt
learn to sell your writing to magazines and newspapers
learn to serve as a group facilitator
learn to throw and glaze pottery
learn to weave
learn to write grant proposals
learn vegetarian soapmaking
maintain an updated list of local child care programs
maintain an updated list of local youth programs
manage small rental properties
offer free proofreading for student writers
officiate at local youth leagues
organize a church singles program
organize a master family photo album
organize an investment club
organize church senior drama and music programs
organize the records or archives for a local group
participate in city site preservation programs
perfect your ballroom dancing
provide holding care for infants at a hospital or orphanage
provide library pick-up/delivery service for folks in hospital or care homes
quit smoking
read aloud to children at the school or library
research/write travel articles for/about the aged, challenged, women alone
run for city, township, county, state, or national office
sell your photos to magazines and newspapers
sew a family quilt
stack books in the library
take the elderly, children, or newcomers to the library
teach basic computer skills to seniors
teach children how to churn butter and ice cream
teach children to bake
teach children to knit
teach children to weave
teach devotional studies classes
teach do-it-yourself car repair
teach do-it-yourself home repair
teach do-it-yourself landscaping
teach English in an ESL program
teach inheritance management
teach job application skills
teach kids how to repair bicycles
teach or help at vacation Bible school
teach others how to can (or preserve) food
teach others how to create their website
teach photography to kids or seniors
teach reading in a literacy program
teach self-defense to seniors
teach Sunday School
train others to record local records or sites for the city or library
visit retirement or convalescent homes
volunteer for medical tests/questionnaires
volunteer for the Special Olympics
volunteer to help at a mens center
volunteer to help at a womens center
volunteer to help on school field trips
walk students to/from school
walk your age (miles or kilometers)
work as a dental or medical office receptionist
work at the polls
work on city, county, or regional beautification
write a column for the local newspaper
write a family history
write a novel
write a seniors column for the newspaper
write a syndicated column
write a TV script
write and sell greeting cards
write book reviews for newspapers and magazines
write grant proposals for non-profit groups
write how-to articles
write lyrics
write movie reviews for newspapers and magazines
write music
write poetry
write the history book of your town or county
write the history of your familys cars/vehicles
write the history of your familys homes
write the history of your familys pets
write the history of your familys vacations
write travel articles
write/publish about local artists and writers
write/publish about local historical events and sites
write/publish about local prehistory




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