"How to Plan a Great Second Life"

Gordon Burgett

This booklet is a summary of the book How to Plan a Great Second Life: Why not live fully every day of your extra 30 years? Its contents and purpose are explained below. (We will ship the booklet first class as part of the $5 fee.)

There is also an audio CD reading by Gordon Burgett, a stereo MP3 version. The 44-minute CD will play in your car, on your stereo, and can even be saved to your I-POD, if you are into listening about planning your future that way! The audio CD costs $10. (Audio CD ORDER FORM.)




How to Plan a Great Second Life Booklet

Gordon Burgett

A blueprint for planning one’s last 30 years—readable in 30 minutes!


If your customers, members, or colleagues will age, here’s a great 24-page booklet you will want to share with them, as a reminder from you that you or your group cares enough to suggest how they can use those extra years productively!

The booklet is a fun, immediately usable condensation of How to Plan a Great Second Life. Best yet, it also offers a free digital download of 14 vital forms and information sheets as a resource link that can be kept on your website, to bring them closer to you…

How else might this booklet better promote your interests? See the list below …

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Here are the details and some sample contents…

How big is the booklet?


4” x 8.5”—it fits in a #10 envelope! It now contains 24 pages but can be increased in increments of four.

How might you profitably use this booklet?

* A great value-added
extra to help sell your products, in person, by mail, or at the website.
* Why not a perk for all who refer business?
* Displaying at a trade show? Great to hand to prospects or to get lookers inside your booth!
* Just send it to your clients to stay in touch.
* Give it to your employees to let them know that you care about their well-being.
* Send it to your clients for Christmas, at years end, or on another significant date.
* Asking folks to complete a questionnaire or survey? Heres an incentive
* Its a great thanks to send with your invoice.

* Not so incidentally, it carries your name, addresses, logo, and message on the lower front, all of page two, and half of the last page!

How will they know the booklet is from you?

You insert your name, logo, and address (or whatever you wish) on the front, plus a full-page message on page two, and another half page on the back! Or the booklet can be redesigned and customized to meet your specific needs.
What does the booklet say?

Here is the table of contents…


How to Plan a Great Second Life
What are you going to do with
your extra 30 years?


3. Planning what to do with an unexpected gift
4. A free, no-strings-attached gift of 30 extra years!
5. Your “first life” has been extraordinarily rich 
6. When should you start planning?
7. Why not just wait and plan later?
8. “I’m convinced! What do I do now?”
9. Your physical health…
10. … and mental health
11. Money and a great second life 
12. The actual dollars and sense
13. What will you take with you into your second life?
14. It all starts with a dream list
15. Some dreams are better than others!
16. And some dreams are age-appropriate
17. Get your spouse or mate involved
18. Get your dream lists in sync
19. Every dream needs an action plan
20. “Can I afford these dreams?” 
21. How to give yourself a kick start or solve a plan-buster
22. Keeping your dreams alive and in one place
23. “What if I just wing it? Seems like a lot of work…”
24. Resources that might help…

How do the opening pages read?


Planning what to do with an unexpected gift

Imagine receiving a gift of 30 extra years of your life! Yet that’s what Americans receive just for being alive in the 21st century!

The real question is, what are you going to do with those years? And how can you spread that benefit so you can enjoy it the most and do the most good during the bonus time?

That’s what this booklet addresses. How you can plan for a great second life now that you know it’s a reality. Read on… 


A free, no-strings-attached gift 
of 30 extra years!

It’s true. Just for being alive in the 21st Century we live 30 years longer than our kin did 100 years ago.

In 1900, the average life expectancy was 48. Today, it is 78—and growing. That means that we will live longer than any group of people ever.

It also means that there are lot more “older” people around. If we took all of the folks who ever lived to 65 since the emergence of homo sapiens, half of those people are on the earth right now!

So what?

We have an opportunity to live an entire second life that was unimagined in the past. Most of us will live well into our 80s. (Some will top 100—there are more centenarians this year than ever, and it’s the fastest growing age category!) 

That means that between 55 or 60 and 80+ we can reinvent ourselves and recreate our lives. Oh sure, we’ll still have to eat and sleep and stay out of the cold—some things never change—but we can pretty much decide what we want to do in the meantime.

All it really takes is some long-range planning now, and some short-range implementation later.

“I won’t want to get out of the rocking chair,” you complain, adding, “And I won’t be able to afford to do anything anyway,” closing the argument.

Malarkey, unless it’s your plan to sit down at 60 and just shrink away! But 25 or 30 years of rocking chair shrinking is cruel, self-imposed torture, particularly when your same-aged friends (if a grouse like you has any) are up and out, golfing, writing articles, traveling, acting as docent at the museum, hugging their grandbabies, cycling, learning Portuguese, and putting leaves on their family tree. 

So that’s what this booklet is all about. How you can start planning now, then living your plan for an almost indecent number of extra years.

You’re probably going to live all those years anyway. Why not take a few minutes now, read these pages, and see how easy (and how emotionally satisfying) it is to be in control of this extraordinary gift of free, unfettered time! 


Your “first life” has been
extraordinarily rich 

If we really do begin with a tabula rasa—that famous clean slate upon which one’s personal history is written—our lives these days are brim full by the time we’re 40 or 50, with notes scribbled on the margins and Post-Its clinging to the edges.

We’ve managed to cram more living in the first half of our lives in the 21st century than we imagine or give ourselves credit for.

The bigger achievements we acknowledge and detail on our résumés and curriculum vitae: schools attended, degrees or certificates attained, jobs or positions held, and awards received.

And we’re certain to recall the people we married, children sired or borne, places lived, and hobbies or special events enjoyed.

But there are so many more things we take for granted that would seem extraordinary if seen from peasant’s eyes centuries back. They give us a depth unimagined by even the most visionary not that long ago.

Think of all we’ve done... We’ve probably visited a half-dozen foreign countries, yet even if we’ve never left our state, through television, movies, and videos we can draw real sweat from vicariously paddling through a steamy forest in New Guinea or gasping for oxygen climbing those last 200 yards up a snowy, swirling Mount Everest.

We can e-mail Bali, find an exotic recipe for feijoada, or bid on a just-found Grecian vase. 

We drive cars more powerful and dangerous than a herd of buffalo, read whole books, hear music performed half a globe away, understand depression, successfully interact with more people in one day than our ancestors saw in a lifetime, and live entire lives without the need of a weapon. 

We are, flat-out, walking wonders with a brain that would be the marvel of any world. In our own, we are top dogs—animals know things, but we know that we know things. We balance jobs, families, necessities, fun, and charity, with time left over to flirt, read to our kids, whistle, daydream, and shingle a shed.

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Gordon Burgett


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