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* Empire Builders’ Guidance Program

* Speakers' Life Strategy Plan


Gordon Burgett offers two, similar programs, one for empire builders, another for speakers.

In the Empire Builders’ Guidance Program, Gordon spends a full day with the participant analyzing their empire-building goals, their life plans, their actions to date, the skills they currently possess and/or plan to develop, their existing tools and products, and what they currently see as their future developmental path. From that base, Gordon and the participant define the empire and create a blueprint with the necessary developmental phases and the steps needed to bring each phase to fruition. (For more specifics, see Why Would Anybody be Interested in the Empire Builders' Guidance Program?)

The Speakers' Life Strategy Plan includes as much of the above as is needed to help create a life plan that blends work and play into a dream life for the speaker. The emphasis is on both tripling or better the speaker's income and integrating their work into a balanced, purposeful life, with a blueprint to make that happen. (That is more fully explained at the bottom of A Speakers' Life Strategy Plan.)

Since each program is customized for the participant, Gordon draws from both descriptions to make the full-day experience life-changing. What is emphasized is largely determined by the participant in the pre-session communication.

Both full-day consulting programs require the completion and submission of an application. Gordon will review the information submitted and must approve and schedule the session. (About 20% are not approved because Gordon doesn't feel he can provide that applicent what he/she expects and deserves.) The full-day session (including a preparation review of items submitted) costs $1,850.

Although the session is not designed to require follow-up consultation, should the participant request it, two-hour consulting units are possible at $350 each. They can be scheduled when desired, subject to time availability on Gordon's schedule.

Because Gordon usually conducts only two full-day sessions a month, please check to see if there is a current opening for an available consulting day when it is convenient for you.

Some additional expenses may occur. The consultation will be held in Santa Maria, California, unless otherwise arranged (for example, Gordon may be in your area speaking), so travel, food, and at least one night’s motel on the part of the participant will usually be involved. (Gordon buys lunch during the full-day session so come hungry!) The rest of the expenses will be incidental, mostly shipping of items to be reviewed.

All discussions are completely confidential and only Gordon will review the products or items sent. All such items are returned to the sender at the session.

The steps for acceptance are as follows:

(1) Please call (800) 563-1454 or e-mail us to see if there are openings. Two-hour consulting units are scheduled after the full-day session, as time permits.
(2) If a date is available, complete and mail, email, or fax the application to the addresses below.
(3) If accepted, Gordon (or Linda) will contact the applicant to confirm the date for the initial full-day consultation. Once set, a Letter of Agreement will be sent.
(4) Receipt of the signed Letter of Agreement and the $1,850 payment will confirm the acceptance and the consultation date.

For further information, contact Gordon at (800) 563-1454, fax (805) 937-3035, email Gordon@gordonburgett.com, or P.O. Box 6405, Santa Maria, CA 93456.

For more information about Gordon’s current writing, speaking, and publishing activities, please see Related Programs and Projects. You can also check Who Is Gordon Burgett? For specific association listings, see the annual directories of the National Speakers Association, American Society for Journalists and Authors, or the Publishers Marketing Association..

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