Gordon's Empire Building Program

The premise is straightforward: If you know something that others will pay to know by one means (like a workshop, speech, article, or a book), you can almost always take the core of that information and rework, and resell, it by many other means. Then you can expand, update, reslant, or otherwise continually modify it, by all of the selling means, to create a lifetime income source while you are positively changing the world.

In other words, you can create your own empire from it—with you the emperor or empress! All the while, as your income grows proportionally, your risk decreases. And as the amount of passive income grows, the time you must spend creating the empire likewise decreases.

I'm Gordon Burgett, a veteran writer and speaker with 1700+ articles and 29 books in print, plus 2,000 speaking programs offered. Most important, some years back I wrote Empire-Building by Writing and Speaking, then completed a trilogy of related books that included Niche Marketing for Writers and Speakers and Publishing to Niche Markets, all that also directly pertain to this guidance program (as does an earlier book I wrote with the ex-NSA President Mike Frank called Speaking for Money).

Why half-starve trying to sell seven different topics, writing an article now and then, and a book eventually, when in one day we can create a strategy that will synergistically multiply every effort and simultaneously establish you as the expert in one topic?

That's what I offer in a one-day strategy session. It lasts as many hours that day as you want or need, no-nonsense, with lunch my treat somewhere in the middle. You leave with a blueprint for your future, plus pages of how-to steps that will get you there.

Read what interests you below. If you want to pursue this, call (800) 563-1454 or email gordon@building-your-empire.com to see if I have open days in the near future. If so, I'll guide you from then on. It's easy, fast, and it can make a huge change in your life and your income. (But beware: it takes commitment and work, 90% of it on your part after the first day.)

A final point. The program is as appropriate for newcomers as those with some notches on their presentation belt or even those with years in the field who want to zero in and focus one last time, very profitably.

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