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If you fervently believe in an idea or a topic, feel that others must know about it, are willing to work diligently (yet wisely) to share that knowledge as widely as possible, and would like to live a very comfortable (and yes, even exciting) life that is progressively more rewarding, less physically demanding, and less financially risky, then empire building may well be for you.

Unfortunately, in the 40+ years that I’ve been fully involved in speaking, writing, publishing, and teaching (with consulting always a delightful spin-off), what I’ve mostly seen is bright, eager, able souls tripping or leaping from one idea to another but never letting their core idea take root—even if they knew what it was. To complicate matters, they indiscriminately mix the information dissemination means, sometimes speaking, sometimes writing, creating a few “products of the day,” then heading off in some new direction (or wearing out)—without any base of passive, income-creating goods that create effortless revenue and retirement-selling equity.

I wrote Empire-Building by Writing and Speaking in 1987. It explains a working concept that is every bit as relevant today as then, though some of the selling means regularly change with the digital innovations. (You can see more information about it, plus some sample chapters, at the link above.)

Alas, the book’s concept is only a working format and every speaker or writer with an idea worthy of an empire must create their own developmental and implementation paths.

The starting premise is straightforward—if you have information that others want and will buy in one way, they will also want and buy it, as is or modified, by most of the other information means currently available. Some will want to hear it, others, read it. Some like their information by audio cassette in their car, others by CD-ROM. Some information should be sold both in print and on disc, for quick modification. Some is best applied with accompanying products.

Further, once you have isolated and identified the core of what they will pay to receive, most information can be continually expanded, repackaged, up-dated, reapplied, reformulated into source books, programmed into textbooks or electronic teaching guides…

Then the questions arise about the role of digital marketing, flyer mailing, sky-writing, niche reviewing, keynoting versus workshops, and whether you are best served by starting web-centric and moving backwards to ink-on-paper, or the reverse, or neither…

Giving order and purpose to all of this is why I offer the Empire Builders' Guidance Program. It is true that you can’t build an empire (or Rome) in a day, but together we can find your core (and conviction); define how, when, and where the topic fits into your life plans; explore the best starting means of information development, and design a get-going blueprint. (Or we can intercept a program at mid-course and refine the future paths it might take.)

If this is what you need, the next step is to read the Program Description, then complete the Application.

If it sets your entrepreneurial heart pounding, please do it now. I only offer two sessions a month!

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