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An even more appropriate question might be, “Why would I trust Gordon Burgett, and put $1,850 in his pocket, to help me guide my one-and-only future?”

Well, I’m him, and if I’d had $1,850 to invest some 30 or 40 years ago and a Gordon Burgett had been around then, I’d have been first in line for the guidance—and far richer today for it. (Did I somehow leave out the modesty?)

Instead, I took years learning and using every one of the information means, plus the marketing techniques that each requires. It took nearly as long to grasp the “empire-building” concept, and a few years longer to add the niche-marketing techniques to the mix. But I caught up and in the past six years the combination of all has resulted in a multi-faceted speaking/product program grossing several million dollars. And I became much more conscious of the need for the full-life strategy as I researched and wrote How to Plan a Great Second Life.

Why share the ideas with you? And when will I have time?

I’ve always been a teacher from the time I actually had sixth-grade classes in West Chicago, Illinois. I’m 64 now, my business doesn’t require as much time as before, I consulted for 40+ years, and I want to help launch others so they will, in turn, help others… But I’m limiting it to two a month so I too can enjoy and share my own more balanced life!

A biography follows.

Some of the most important things (or they would be to me) are probably these:

I’m equally strong in the writing and speaking fields.

In writing, I have 23 books in print, 1700+ articles, a bimonthly newsletter currently in circulation, taught communications at CSU Dominguez Hills for years, speak regularly at major writing conferences nationwide, was a magazine and newspaper editor several times, and have run a publishing company since 1982. For the past 12 years I have also conducted a one-on-one publishing review program called the Pathfinder. (I’ve been a member for more than 20 years of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Publishers Marketing Association, and have spoken to or for each group several times.)

In speaking, I have offered well over 2,000 programs since 1982, mostly four-hour seminars at the university level as an independent contractor, the rest to conferences and association gatherings, usually as keynotes or workshops. (I joined the National Speakers Association in 1982 and have spoken at the national and winter conventions many times each. I’m also a current and active member of the Gold Coast group of master speakers in Santa Barbara, California.)

Over the years I have created and produced 26 audio cassette programs (with workbooks) and singles. We recently produced our first, of many, CD-ROMs, and I have had several videos created. Our firm has produced and sold reports for years, and our key dental and medical books also include computer disc components. Almost all of our products are also available in digital format for sale electronically, usually to markets abroad.





This is my current biography. It repeats many of the points above but offers some additional detail.

Gordon Burgett wrote How to Plan a Great Second Life: What Are You Going to Do With Your Extra 30 Years? during the last months of 1999.  He currently  speaks nationwide about this topic, offering keynotes, break-out sessions, workshops, and spousal programs at conventions, company meetings, retreats, and universities.

In October of 2002 his third edition of The Travel Writer's Guide was published (earlier editions were published by Prima in 1994 and 1997 and were Writer's Digest Book Club top choices.) A month earlier Gordon's Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles was also published in its second edition; the first was published by Writer's Digest Books in 1997 and was a Writer's Digest Book Club top choice.)

Burgett has given 2000+ professional speaking presentations since 1981.

With 1,700+ articles and 31books in print, he has appeared extensively on radio and TV, as a guest author and a publishing specialist.  He has also produced 26 audio cassette series and singles. Burgett is a long-standing member of the National Speakers Association, the American Society of Authors and Journalists, and the Publishers Marketing Association. Burgett's other books include:

Publishing to Niche Markets
Niche Marketing for Writers, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs
Self-Publishing to Tightly-Targeted Markets
How to Sell More Than 75% of Your Freelance Writing
The Writer’s Guide to Query and Cover Letters
Empire-Building by Writing and Speaking
Speaking for Money (with Mike Frank)
Treasure and Scavenger Hunts
Ten Sales from One Article Idea
The Query Book
Life After Dentistry (with Dr. Jay Hislop)
Standard Marketing Procedures for Dentists (with Reece Franklin)

Four of Burgett’s books have been Writer’s Digest Book Club top choices: Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles, The Travel Writer’s Guide, The Writer’s Guide to Query and Cover Letters, and How to Sell More Than 75% of Your Freelance Writing.

Gordon has owned and directed a publishing company, Communication Unlimited, since 1982. It specializes in books, reports, and cassettes about writing, empire-building, and niche publishing. In 1995, the company merged with Marsha Freeman’s Team Systems and created Dental Communication Unlimited and Medical Communication Unlimited, to begin a series of standard operating procedures manuals (and other, related office operations products) for health care professionals.

Burgett earned four academic degrees: B.A., University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (Latin American Studies), M.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison (Luso-Brazilian Studies), M.F.T. Thunderbird Graduate School (Foreign Trade), and an M.A., Northern Illinois University (U.S. Intellectual History). He was twice an university dean, taught Portuguese and history, created a city recreation program in Illinois, directed CARE (and Peace Corps) programs in Colombia and Ecuador (including the Land Directorship of the HOPE ship medical/dental program in Guayaquil), twice studied in Brazil, played professional baseball, and led a gold hunt up the Paushi Yaco (Upper Amazon) River in Ecuador.


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