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* Empire Builders’ Guidance Program

* Speakers' Life Strategy Plan


(Did you call first to see if there are any openings? [800] 563-1454.)


There are no right answers. I am trying to get a sense of what you are doing and where you are at present in your life and career. (Everything shared is entirely confidential.)

Full Address:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
FAX Address:
Email Address:
Member of these Associations or groups:

1. What do you call yourself vocationally? (A writer? Speaker? __________?):

2. Main topic(s) or subject(s) for your empire or that you speak about (please number each):

3. Please explain which of the following means you are presently using (indicate after those used the number of times in the past 12 months, please):

audio cassettes:
video cassettes:
computer disks:
other products (explain):
other means (explain):

4. What percentage of your income do you presently earn (past 12 months) from each means? (Please write that after the number of times.)

5. How much money would you like to earn (gross) next year from your empire or speaking?
a) In 2008?
b) In 2015?

6. I am particularly interested in what you want to do with your information in the coming years. What is your biggest dream where it is concerned?

7. And I am as interested in why you want to participate in this guidance program.

8. And for those in the life strategy program, what are the four major life-planning challenges (beyond income) should we most focus on in our session?


Please do not send any products, fliers, or other information now. Complete this application and add to it any additional written information you think I should know.

Send it by email to gordon@gordonburgett.com, or call (800) 563-1454 for other instructions. Please give us a week or so to respond, in case I’m elsewhere speaking. Most replies come quicker. Shall we email, fax, call, or write?

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