Ancillary Publishing Book Service!



If youíre thinking of releasing your book through the fast and free ancillary publishersóLulu, CreateSpace, Blurb, LightningSource (LSI), Scribd, and Smashwords (for Kindle and iPad),óIím now offering a series of shorter, directly-related services in addition to my standard publishing Pathfinder program (which presumes you will either self-publish or you will directly approach major publishers).


To save you lots of money and time, we should start with the same understanding of how this new publishing field works and what you must do to take best advantage of it. We need to speak the same terminology and understand the steps required to get from where you are now to having your book in print and doing what you want it to do.


So there are two initial hoops you must complete to participate in the AP Book Service. The first is free, the second costs you about $20, and it should take you several days to complete.


(1) The first is to read the information at, which explains roughly what this new, revolutionary system is all about, and how you can literally get your book in print free in minutes and marketed worldwide in days. It hardly matters the kind of bookóa novel, kidsí book, cookbook, nonfiction, memoir, family tree, poetry, much more.


(2) The second is to buy (and read) my book How to Get Your Book in Print Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days. You can order it at the link above. The digital copy downloads in about 10 seconds and costs $15.95. The bound copy, mailed by 2-3 day priority mail for $3.50, costs $19.95. Itíll be sent right away. (Considering that books usually cost from $500-4,500 to self-publish the conventional way, that just saved you $480-4,480!)


How to Get Your Book in Print Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days will tell you specifically what you must do to compose and write a first-rate, good-looking book like others on the bookstore shelves, how you prep the two key files to submit to the ancillary publishers, the step-by-step submission process (deciphering their techie tongue and answering the questions they donít), when you proof the final bound copy, and how you use the publisherís marketing structure (if you wish) to enhance your bookís marketing (beyond what they already do to make your book accessible and known worldwide).


If you want to just apply what the book says and do it alone, wonderful! Thatís why I wrote it. How to Get Your Book in Print Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days is intended to free you from needing additional aid, including mine. I have already posted two full books at six of the seven ancillary publisher sites (just go to their websites and type in Gordon Burgett)óand I did them without outside help, almost. Using what I learned about the process in my book should make it possible for you to do it all by yourself.


But I also donít want to leave you stranded if youíre in a pickle, stopped because you are afraid to move ahead, or you just need some professional specific review and how-to instruction. There can be a dozen legitimate reasons (see some below) why you may want assistance, even after devouring my fearless how-to prose, so Iím opening that door (a bit) with this new service.


Here are the hurdles: (1) Iím ear-high busy and can only take on three or four clients, max, at any one time, since Iím also writing and publishing, have a newsletter (free, about this topic), and speak often, (2) I charge $175 an hour, and (3) almost all of our work, if not all, is done by email. No lunches, schmoozing, back patting, or rambling phone callsóthat costs you too much money.


The positives: Iím fast and knowledgeable, keep an honest clock, have been through the standard book publishing process 100X, have also been through the AP book process a dozen times (so I know their drill and needs), and if I take your job I will make myself available quickly until itís done.


How does it work from here?


If you want to publish the ancillary way by yourself, please do. Itís doable. Hereís a medal! u (When the book is out, email me with the name of the publisher(s) and book titleóand that you valiantly did it all without my AP Book Service!)


Yet if you do need my assistance, go to this link to get started. The link is free; the first step costs $175. At the link I explain the 15-item list or questionnaire I need answered to be able to help you, plus the submission process and a letter of agreement,


When might this assistance and investment be most beneficial?


When you need this book to get speaking contracts or to enhance your business, vocational, or similar endeavors, like empire building. The book has to do much more than just appear in print!


You want to produce several or many copies of your final book to send to specific editors at the big house publishers so they will accept, produce, and promote your book big time!


Your book will be a family or group landmark and will be passed on to others and for generations to come. It may be all they will know about you later. Hard to unring an atonal bell.


You want your first book to be a model for similar books (perhaps in a series) to follow so it must be solid internally and attractive externally.


You want to use this book as a starter, you intend to print them in quantity (perhaps to sell as presentations), and you want to back into your own self-publishing. (This may be the one that will ultimately save you the most money by spending some early on.)


You just need help.


A final point. At the first step I will ask you to send thorough responses to some key questions so I can see if I can in fact help youóor if a book makes sense (from what youíve told me). I must charge you for the time my reading (and thinking) takes, but if I donít accept the project or I recommend that it not be pursued (at least as I understand it from what you have said), I will refund the unused part of the fee for that opening hour. Otherwise, I will directly respond to what you have sent, and outline how you might proceed from there, alone or with help (with approximate costs included).


If you can do it fast and free, with a $20 or so cheat sheet (my book), super!


If you need help, and I can provide it, a first-rate book authored by you will still cost far less than if you learned the full prep and promotion processes and published it yourself.


Thatís it. Go do that book! (If I can help, just hit the link.)


Best wishes,


Gordon Burgett