Gordon Burgett


Gordon has been offering a four-hour seminar
"Writing Travel Articles That Sell" 
for 20+ years at key universities throughout the U.S.

(mostly California).


That program is based on his book 

The Travel Writer's Guide.

Earlier, he wrote How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing, which Gordon also offers as a four-hour seminar at universities, so here he has plucked from the best of both and slanted it to travel writers. This 45-minute, two-CD program is a super bargain: Gordon explaining the selling process by audio cassette, then offering the 10 key elements of the workbook in digital format on a Word CD, for immediate download and use! 

Two $50+ four-hour programs for only $30!


Audio CD contents:

* How to sell 75% of your travel writing
* How to plan a writing trip
* How to factor in your income tax deductions
* How to work less than half the time!
* How to sell to magazines and newspapers
* How photography can double your income
* Where to find helpful books, guides, and market lists
* Congratulations, you now have a new trade!

Text CD contents:

* Subject grid
* Mailing record
* Fact base
* Quote lists
* How to study a printed magazine article
* Mechanics of getting in print
* How to prepare and market magazine articles that sell
* Query letter
* Newspaper cover letter
* (Read me first! Use instruction sheet)

Cost: $30. Shipping is $3.50 by media mail or $5 by priority mail, plus 9% CA tax, if applicable.

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The Travel Writer's Guide, now in its 3rd edition,

available for $115, plus shipping and CA tax, if applicable.

The book is also immediately downloadable in $10 digital format, without tax or shipping!)

25 Professional Query and Cover Letters costs $5 as a digital download.


Gordon Burgett

(800) 563-1454