How to Sell Your Articles and Books 75% of the Time

Most beginning writers can't sell 5% of their writing, yet professionals can't write fast enough to keep up with the demand. The difference is in the marketing. Beginners write, then try to sell. Pros sell, then write!

Articles for magazines and newspapers are the teething bar for new copy sellers, and despite a decrease in purchased print copy, if approached like a professional (as the writer grows into the cloak), they are still extremely reliable and can be very profitable.

Books for “big house” publishers are the greatest challenge (and poorest victory), but the market-first approach that Gordon explains works. Better are the book paths that are successful nearly 100% of the time: (1) no-risk, high-profit, fast-return niche publishing and (2) the new ancillary publishing venue where an e-book appears in minutes and a bound book in days, free, with the publisher doing the marketing!

The best news? Books are articles writ long! Gordon explains all, with a take-home, step-by-step workbook.

Burgett draws from his own book, a Writer's Digest Book Club first choice, How to Sell 75 % of Your Freelance Writing, for the core information, plus adds 30+ years of professional experience, including 1,700 freelance articles in print. (Writer's Digest recently published this book, retitled and somewhat rewritten, as Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles.)

This workshop focuses on nonfiction articles and books and explains how to use the professional system with predictably lucrative results.

Topics include:

* how professionals sell and beginners don't, and why the difference is seldom in the writing
* how one topic can earn $3,000 or more
* how pros double their income by selling reprints and rewrites
* how to take every tax deduction
* when to send query vs. copy
* what to copyright and what you can use of other writers
* how to study articles in print to see how you should write
* how to create a feasibility study that will quadruple your selling ratio

If you're not selling almost everything you write for magazines and newspapers, or your book at least 75% of the time, you should register for this class.


Gordon Burgett has 39 published books and 1,700+ articles in print and wrote How to Sell 75 % of Your Freelance Writing, Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles (for Writer’s Digest), Niche Publishing, and How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Nationwide in Days!



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