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Lifelong Wealth by Being Indispensable.  The ideal situation is to have you and your knowledge, experience, and products indispensable to a niche market. Where the buyers seek them, demand more, they tell their friends to buy too…

The cost is your time, money, and energy. In return, you could reap a reliable lifetime of significant and increasing wealth.

Indispensability is the root of empire building. It can bring you, in addition to lots of money, soon, (1) Very low or no risk; (2) If goods are involved, little or no leftover stock, quick turnover, and no heavy lifting; (3) If speaking or writing are the means, no cold calling, and with editors and bookers filling your schedule and doing your promotion; (4) Virtual employees and your own schedule; (5) Time to do what you want; (6) Your mark left forever, and (7) Your name immediately perceived as a font of expertise.

That’s doable, as this report outlines. Gordon Burgett’s free newsletter continues to discuss the topic and ways to make it happen in his monthly newsletter. It will be the heart of what we will share monthly to make your empire bloom!


101 Niche Marketing Topics.  It’s probably impossible to create an information-related empire without a core idea. Success is immediately multiplied if more information about that idea is eagerly wanted by a clearly identifiable group of buyers to whom you can specifically send marketing and sales information. Those are niche buyers. So here is a report that offers 101 topics that most niches want to buy. ….


The best and least expensive way to get you, your idea, and your products in front of eager buyers is to write articles that appear on the magazine, journal, newsletter, and print pages they read. So here’s a report—Finding Indispensable Article Topics (that are hard for magazine, newsletter, and newspaper editors to reject)—that will help you find the single most important element: the topic of your article. Gordon Burgett, its author, sold 1,700+ freelance articles. This is how he found subjects that editors wanted 1,700+ times.


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