Want to host a spectacular, fun-packed




The party is the easy part.

And now you have the tough stuff—


The Treasure Hunt Clues!



Gordon Burgett, author of Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create, and Give Them, now offers 100 new clues to local locations!


Burgett has written the unforgettably groanable poetry for you, created codes, mixed foreign tongues, and assembled riddles and prose. Your role? Send invitations, buy goofy prizes, release the teams, and have fun!


This much-requested book explains how the party, the hunt, and the clues work; how you match them to your town; how they can be customized (if needed), and how the host can select the "best" or most appropriate 15 or 20 clues for teams to simultaneously pursue and solve. (The book includes enough clues for 4-5 full hunts.)


Want to toss in some scavenger hunt items? Here’s a starter list of 25, plus four sample brainbusters. The “Magic Party Checklist” will help all invited easily grasp the simple directions, honor the returning hunt heroes, get fed, and laugh or dance the rest of the night away.





Why not just look at the Table of Contents to see if this isn’t a party bonanza for you?




1. How do the clues work?

     * Two sample clues

     * But I want to…

2. How much can I change the clues?

3. Matching the clues to your treasure hunt range

4. How do I pick the “best” of the 100 clue choices?

     * Don’t blab about the hunt or clues

     * When do I find the actual clue answers?

5. The treasure hunt categories (with number of clues) 

     * Baseball diamonds (4)

     * Bike store (1)

     * Bus station (1)

     * Car repair (1)

     * Cemetery (1)

     * Costco (or large store) (2)

     * Deli (1)

     * Eatery (8)

     * Funeral parlor (1)

     * Gas station (6)

     * Handicapped parking (2)

     * Hardware store (1)

     * In-car activities (6)

     * Library (2)

     * Liquor store/bar (2)

     * Local football team (1)

     * Mailbox (1)

     * Miniature golf (2)

     * Movie theater (2)

     * Newspaper rack (2)

     * Other treasure hunters (2)

     * Post Office (4)

     * Park (7)

     * Party house (4)

     * Phone (1)

     * Police Department (1)

     * Rental movie dispenser (1)

     * RR and Train station (4)

     * School (2) 

     * See along the street (8)

     * Specific town places and services (6)

     * Suds-your-duds laundry (5)

     * Supermarket (7)

     * Veterinary clinic (1)

6. The “Magic Party Checklist”

7. Twenty five scavenger hunt items 

8. Four sample brainbusters 

9. Now put the clues to work—and have lots of fun!



The fun all starts with the clues. Here are 100 ready to go, with instructions on how to use them! The rest is up to you…






Communication Unlimited, P.O. Box 845, Novato, CA 94948 / www.gordonburgett.com.


Link here to check or order Burgett’s other books and reports.